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Desibell And The Raiders Of The Lost Quark
Desibell And The Raiders Of The Lost Quark
183 Tracks
FREE BEATS,Funky techno, electro, house, HIP HOP, R&B, BIG BEATS, DANCEHALL, POP, intelligent and musically inventive/interesting.
If u want to use MY MUSIC GET IN TOUCH WITH ME My tracks vary in style from minimal techno, electro,hip hop, house,ambient to banging hard and some of the tracks are hard to categorize. I write and sequence all my music from scratch, using Atari Computers and a very early version of Cubase. All the tracks are recorded live onto a zoom h4 recorder, usually in one take. Looking for an editor to smooth out the rough edges, although I'm very pleased with the live production value. It gives the tracks a lively edge.
Band/artist history
One damn thing after another
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live every time I record, albeit in my front room. I need some other equipment to enable real live action!
Your musical influences
I like all types of music and have a very open mind. I love funky techno, drum and bass, hip hop, house and also like a wide range of guitar based music. I also like classical and jazz music.
What equipment do you use?
I sequence all of my tracks from scratch.ATARI COMPUTER AND CUBASE VERSION 3, 2nd atari computer running AVR 16 bit sampler(antique!)contains several drum kits i've built over the years, Novation A Station x2 (virtual analogue synths), Novation Bass Station(synth), MAM analog synth, Yamaha SY22 SYNTH,MicroKorg, Novation Drum station, Alesis Quadraverb GT, Alesis RA100 reference amp, Spirit Absolute monitor speakers,Technics SU-V3 AMP, Jamo 265 speakers,Soundtracs Topaz Macro 12 channel mixing desk, Turbo Rat Distortion peddle and assorted other fx.
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