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February 16, 2006
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Hip-hop music, used to be a rebellious voice of the youth and an outlet for artistic expression, but now it has, unfortunately, grown to be a game of follow the leader. Most upcoming artists nowadays just copy another popular artistâs blueprint and formula for success, which is killing the game. With record sales down and ring tone rappers "in", most rookies are trying to make that "breakthrough hit" or "club banger". Originality is almost something of the past , giving way to bubblegumâ쳌 rappers" more concerned with making a new dance hit than being a trendsetter and innovative. Then you have an artist like; Zaire who is a leader, and never has been a follower. Rather than conform to whatâs "hot" at the time and music industry standards, Zaire is breaking rules and making his own lane in hip hop. Possessing sharp lyricism and top notch production skills are setting him apart from his peers, because hes creating his own sound, the 22-year-old lyricist has proven that skills can still win in the rap game. Born and raised in Midwest. Zaire made sure he didnt fall into the trap of the streets like some of his friends he grew up with. Although his father was absent in his life, he was raised by his 2 of his grandmothers along with his mom. Those 3 women gave him three different perspectives on life and also 3 separate musical influences. His production was heavily influenced by the polished sound of Dr. Dre, the boom bap and chopped samples of Dj Premier, the bounce of Dj Toomp, and creativity of people like Kanye West and the Late J. Dilla. Visual artists and painters such as Basquiat and Paul Goodnight also give Zaire inspiration to paint his own musical pictures . Add in Zaire's family roots, which are the West African Yoruba culture and Creole background, Zaire meshes all of those elements into his music perfectly. Now, ready to take advantage of on such promise, Zaire is ready to drop "The Journey". With the release of his debut street album/ mixtape, "The Journey" (Eriaz ENT /Council Productions), Zaire at last gets to show off his killer tracks and sick flow to the whole world. The album is a combination of R&B, classic hip hop, trance, soul, classical music and rap , itâs also jam-packed with catchy hooks and crazy wordplay, punch lines and metaphors. "From the joints to the production â the whole focus of the album is crazy," explains the Midwest lyricist. "It's Journey through life and different soundscapes." " With this album i wanna take you on a journey through my life, the ups & downs, show vunerablity ya know?, everything that makes me laugh, cry, happy and & sad", says Zaire. His fusion musical style is as rebellious and eclectic as his personality and it's not made up or from a marketing team. Check out his iTunes playlist and you'll catch him knocking joints from Prince, Hendrix, Eminem, Lauryn Hill, Daft Punk, 2 Pac, The Cure, Biggie and Jay -Z. Primarily produced by The Council Productions which is his insane and diverse production team that consist of Mike Payne, John Pierre, Travis Beane, and of course Zaire. Zaire's first solo album has the streets already buzzing. The mix of ill sample chops, futuristic boom bap, sick melodies and chord changes is the perfect backdrop for his musical mayhem
What equipment do you use?
FLStudio, Samples, Korg Triton, Pro Tools, and Cool Edit
Anything else?
If You need beats http://www.soundclick.com/zairetitanzproductions
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