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Adelaide, Australia
December 14, 2005
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Band/artist history
-Downloading-AFTER PAYMENT -After Purchase You Get To DownLoad The Untagged Vocal Free Stereo Wav Versions!!! All of my beats are only available through Digital Delivery. your download link to your purchases will sent to your email. (please check your spam filter if you do not receive your beats with in 24 hours-some filters catch the download link) -High quality Wav download for Exclusive beat sales . -All beats made,recorded,produced,guitars,mixed & banged out by me -Beats that are sold as exclusives will be marked 'SOLD',and never resold. that's a guarantee. -In The Soundclick Music Player,there is approx 150 beats i made and sold,+ some free beat downloads...+ New ones i have added as of 2019. the sold beats are left in my soundclick player as a example of my portfolio,my cv if you will,and to show potential new customers examples of my previous work,& what can be done. TO PURCHASE MY BEATS to buy my new beats,stream,purchase & download from my player directly to your device,so simple! instant download after payment! ----------------------------------------------- -most beats are around 3 minutes 30 sec +, to 5 mins -you get the full version mixed & mastered. -basic intro verse hook verse hook outro or slight variations to keep it fresh for you. (beats have no vocals--these are instrumentals) Note:- please make sure you backup your beats. there is a $25.00 fee per beat for me to resend it to you if you lose or fail to back up your beat,that's not my responsibility
Your musical influences
Horrorcore,Death rap,horror hip hop,Hip Hop,Gangster rap,horror,Post Punk,Darkwave,New Wave,ColdWave,Gothic,Retrowave,ShoeGaze,Synth Punk,Dance Punk,Joy Division,The Cure,Bauhaus,Gary Numan,Depeche Mode,Duran Duran, Prince,David Bowie,The Damned,johnny marr,New Order, MF DOOM,Three six mafia,N.W.A,big pun,Notorious B.i.g,ghetto boys,Tech nine,Goblin,ice-t,slayer,Elvis,james brown,Barry white,led zepplin,Goblin,curtis mayfield,johnny Cash,motorhead,nirvana,phil collins,Dave Grohl,Busta Rhymes,Timbaland,Neptunes,Swizz Beats,John Carpenter, Black Sabbath,stewart copeland,psychological,psychopathic,psycho,Dio, gang bangin shit,horror,dark edged,hip hop,gangster,horror,bulgaria, horror movie scores,Film Scores,creepy,spooky,evil composers,movie music,crunk, head knod music ,halloween,Creepy music,haunting tunes,scary music,haunted houses,scary sounds,scary cds,spooky music,Evil soundscapes,halloween music, (these are some of my musical & 'beat' influences,)
What equipment do you use?
garbage bags,bleach,a sharp barbers cut throat blade,a hammer,a saw,duct tape,leather gloves,chrome pilots sunglasses....
Anything else?
-Exclusive Original beats once sold will no longer be sold to anyone else, LOADS OF NEW ORIGINAL BEATS UP FOR SALE-BUY NOW!!!! new beats added every few days. Vin Price,The man behind beats by vin,(also previously known as HORROR BEATS ,my old .com now sold to another guy),HAS SHOWN DEDICATION TO MUSIC THROUGH HIS WORK AS A LIFELONG ARTIST/PRODUCER/MUSICIAN/BEATMAKER- & HAS PRODUCED BEATS & ALBUMS FOR MANY PEOPLE - HELPING THEM OBTAIN SUCCESS & RECOGNITION,SOMETHING TO BE TRULY PROUD OF.. a member of soundclick since 08/29/2004,a name you can trust... sold many beats to people all over the world...from Australia to france to sweden,nearly every major state across usa,canada,uk,germany,brazil,mexico,poland, !!
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