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Mad Mind Records
Mad Mind Records
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indie lable from Mont-tremblant Quebec Canada! free mp3 downloads! tons of comercial and non comercial instru downloads! www.madmindrecords.com
Welcome to Mad Mind Records I would like to thank everybody who takes the time to listen to my work and wish the best of luck to all the producers and mc's out here! I'm always down to colab but keep the right to post the final product in here! price range from 50$-120$ CAD for exclusive comercial rights! (contact me for details) Facebook artist page: Mad Mind Records Reach me on msn jeanmarcboyer2@hotmail.com add me on myspace: www.myspace.com/madmindrecords www.myspace.com/JmB_819 Twitter: JmB819 To buy mad mind records or JmB products! www.zazzle.com/madmindrecords www.printfection.com/madmindrecords www.cafepress.com/madmindrecords WWW.MADMINDRECORDS.COM MAKE YOUR DREAM A REALITY!
Band/artist history
I started beat making with fl studio 5 around the 20th november 2005 at this point I knew nothing about it! my skillz evolved a lot since then but I still got a lot to learn!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
not yet
Your musical influences
my main inspiration is hip hop in general but i also work on other genre! my music is my way of expresion and varys a lot from day to day some are just ambiant sounds some are gangsta rythm I put up anything that comes out!
What equipment do you use?
Fl studio 5,Reason 1.0,Reson 3.0, Reson 5.0 SHURE SM58-LC mic Realistic mixing console, Audacity free multi track recorder Acid pro 4.0 and a flute plus other stuff when creating my own sounds!
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