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Native Ghetto Productions
Native Ghetto Productions
Cherokee, NC  USA
December 12, 2005
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TO LISTEN TO THE MUSIC CLICK ''MUSIC'' HIGHLIGHTED IN BLUE ON TOP OR USE THE NAVIGATION AREA OVER TO THE RIGHT Native Ghetto Production's Bringing you hit's from artist such as: YoungRider, C.T. and C-Rome. Real hot street music, club music and just about any genere you can think of in hiphop and R&B. Bringing you real life concepts that you can relate to too. Real hot, giving you cuts from the album, and mixtape's with the various artist from Cherokee and all around the world collaborating with artist of Native Ghetto Productions YoungRider- Im a Native American MC Out of Cherokee, North Carolina On The Come up so watch out. hopefully gonna get this deal with def jam south then this page will be old. but yeah it's looking good but i dont wanna jinks my self. chea *knocks on wood* ..but whichever deal turn's out to be the best i'll definitly go with. Holla
Band/artist history
Um Ive Been Rappin For About 2 Year's. But ive Been Around Hiphop For Almost My Whole Life. Got into it from just freestyle'n with my boy's. Then it just became up from a thing to kill time to a hobby. so ive been rapping since i was 19 and now im 21, been producing for not even a whole year. but music is turning out pretty good. started my own production it's all legit and have my buisness license, got the credit card with the ''Native Ghetto Productions'' on it haha Gyea, use it to purchase like c.d.s and equipment and buy from disc maker's. studio time if needed. all that good stuff, so yeah that's about it. CDS OUT THAT U CAN ASK ABOUT : Street Wise : Cherokee's Own YungRider : History in the Making Mixtape YungRider : Once Were Warriorz *Comin Soon* AND THE OTHER CDS YALL ALREADY KNOW ABOUT CUZ YALL HAVE'EM ALREADY, PEACE. ITS YUNG AKA RICKY RO$$
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeah i Play Live, But Only a Few Huge Show's.. One time i Had The Whole City at A Show , i pulled it off and sold over a thousand copy's of my 1st album so that was nice. TSALAGI!!
Your musical influences
Hiphop it's self, and alot of other good artist doing their thing in the game. My Favorite Rappers/Producers doing their thing in the Game Right Now : THE SOUTH! Haha. CANT NAME'EM ALL IM SORRY! HOLLA
What equipment do you use?
Adobe Audition, Yamaha Snythesizer, Yamaha Keyboard, Dr.Rythem DR-660 Drum Machine, EMX 5000, Mixing Boards, Reason(Very Often), Pro-tool's Soon And FL Studio(Very Often) oh and Technique Turn Tables With Gemini Mixer. Yamaha Speakers Samson Headphone's And Samson Micraphone With Shock Mount And Of Course the popper stopper And i just got some new equipment.. or a peice of equipment the new BOSS Dr.Rhythm DR-670!
Anything else?
Be sure to sign up for my mailing list for new update's and new song's released. if you wanna buy the mixtape it's just 5 doller's contact me and i'll throw you one And if your interested in a collaboe you can email me or drop a message on my message board. ::::::::::ABOUT ME:::::::::::::: Im a Native American MC/Producer Out of Cherokee, NC. on The Rez just tryna Make music that people like ya know, most of my joints are stuff ya used to hearing but put together in a unique way fam. been doing this for about 2 year's now, like since i was 17 and im now 19 year's old and still on the grind. Got the Tittle ''illest Native Alive'' From Everyone basically, if ya a native.. and you aint feelin my title?!?! try and take it all you gota do is challenge me, then we can get it started. we'll just do a battle track on wax u know on a track then we'll see what's up. ::::::::NATIVE GHETTO PRODUCTIONS:::::::::: im basically the main artist of NGP, because im the one who started it and i pay for everything, equipment programs computers ext. but currently i got a sort of team put together, there's C.T. & C-ROME. Then I Let this cat get down sometime's by the name ''BLACK MIC'' so you know, but Mainly it's My self C.T. and C-Rome Holding it down for Native Ghetto Productions Out of Cherokee, North Carolina. :::::::::::PRODUCTIONS::::::::::: i do all the engineering, Producen Beat making all that yeh the mixing down like everything. so sorry if it's a little off u know im trying to get professional at doing it, but i try. near the future i'll be getting newer and more equipment gonna get this production going good. so watch out for me in the 06, by 07 i'll be known world wide. trust me on that, and if you dont belive me you will after you hear my music. chea hold it down or move around YoungRider Baby!
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