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Get ready fo the journey of a lifetime. This new album for Californian born artists -Clare marks the beginning of a new genre in ethereal pop music.
We live to write and write to live
Band/artist history
Collaborating since they met in 2005, Clare and Ralph Meier have been co-writing their first CD- "Listen"- Other members include Steve Earl (lead guitar) Kurt Fries(Engineer, Keyboards) It still seams like a long journey for singer songwriter Clare - who started writing only 8 years ago and recentley her band walked away with 2 LA MUSIC AWARDS for" ARTIST OF THE YEAR" for the power pop song "GIRL" and contemporary song "BEST DRESSER" at the 16th annual Los Angeles Music Awards. All this sudden unexpected attention could shake a introverted, writer like Clare... who is like most artists.. emotional... sensitive... and sometimes prone to....liking her time alone... but with the start of a production company and an Indie label- that might have to change.... Clare released her first CD- Heavens Doors in 2004 when lightning struck and the gates parted..since then she has joined with Ralph Meier..very talented bass player and writer who walked 5 miles to a Jims House Of Music to buy his first bass on credit at age 11. The new CD- "LISTEN" will be released January 2008 and contains the two award winning songs - Girl and Best Dresser-plus a variety of unexpected styles. The band Clare's success is more of a surprise to her than anything seeing she majored in photojournalism and has always been a "visual" person who never wrote a song in her early years. After the death of her father she was at a low point and started writing everything down and yes..found out she was a poet... and a very talented one. So yes there is hope for successful change, the dream that keeps us alive, when we have nothing else to live for- We Keep The Dream Alive!!! Other members include Steve Earl- lead guitar Kurt Fries- keyboard, songwriter, engineer and John Maio -Keyboards. StartSuperCode
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, we play live- anywhere they will have us- Yes we love it- Yes many special moments
Your musical influences
U2, Morrisey, Blondie, David Bowie, Carol King, Go Go's, Sting, Nirvana, Tori Amos, Peggy Lee, Cranberries, Bangles,..to many to list.