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Marliec De Yega
Marliec De Yega
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Marliec 'DeYega
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Fling with me
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sex on ma mind...
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My name is Marliec 'DeYega. I have been writing songs for a long time now that I wished R.Kelly had seen some of my work of words. Nothin can stop me now. I write to define , not to impress but to express and even when I am depressed, I still write to progress from the duress of it all and from that state, emerged the name- Marliec 'DeYega. Just like many, I have sang in the shower..on the buses and trains across the town of London. I thank the spirit above for the talent and all the blessings that accompanied it. I sing because it makes me happy. It's joy. I have studied my vocals and I am certain that NEW AGE, a blend of words and a blended mix of soul and rnb is my style...lets see if it works.
Band/artist history
It's not a band, It's Marliec 'DeYega.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have. I Have been to as many shows as time presents with my brother, "PaulJaplin" www.pauljaplin.com. I am sure it has helped me prepare a pre-stage performing experience. I have also performed at a wedding. A BoyzIIMen song, "I do", which at the time, was unknown by many. With a mic in my right hand, I did my thang. My special moment was performing infront of my father. He questioned my constant use of all the writing materials at home and demanded I give a show for its purpose. I didnt do too badly. This ofcourse, was at the age of 16. Well, it's been memorable.
Your musical influences
BoyzIIMen- They give me joy, R.kelly- He gives me hope. PaulJaplin? my brother)- He strengthens my belief. KD my brother- He confirms that belief. Marvin Gaye, Anthony Hamilton, Horace Brown, JL John Legend, H-town, Alfonso Hunter, Brian McKnight, Ray Charles, Lyfe Jennings, Barry White and many more.
What equipment do you use?
My voice, my poise, Headfones and my Laptop.
Anything else?
Special thanks to my late mother- The most beautiful woman I will ever know. From you I have learnt the purpose for life and My late father- I know the love you had deep within will always flourish. I know that love stretches beyond. My late sister- You are are unique in many ways. Did you know that I remember your birthday every single year? I cannot believe it's goin on 20yrs!!! And I miss you so much. I know you are in the greatest-beyond. My late brother, DapoD1- You aren't 4gotten. You are a special one and I miss all your crazy yet unique styles. You are a true mathematician, a true son of my father. Will I see you again someday...? A question I ask myself by every second hr. Pls, spk to me in my dreams. My nephew, Dapo jr, the son you left behind is grown. Guess what, he's gat your head-shape too! To my adorable seeds, 'Tutu and 'Demidun- you have made my life a meaningful one. Daddy loves you. I owe my life to your well being. You are the two pillars of love that God has bestowed to me. I value it and for you, I have recently procured a shotgun! I dont want "no boys" parading my front entrancejokes. You're my seed, my need and I ask for nothin' more. Lape- You will forever be special in my life. A fresh of joy I once had. You are the breath of whom, I can't smell any longer. You are truly forgiven. To JAPLIN himself, you are a musical genius! The guitar- you have mastered. The piano has become a part of you! And, you have showed no wickness in your belief in me. Many thanks for the unvarying support you have given. KD- Your voice, your vision, it's exceptionally unique. Your intelligence is infinite and it's the manner in which you share it that gave such approbation. Now get your sick voice to the studio! Boye blick, you are a true son of my father. I thank God for your domicile and it's your kindness and good intentions that has put you through to a better place. And Boye, I never got those voice messages you claimed you left on my ...848657! Yemi My fine brother!, Wunmi My beautiful sister & 'Debo You are too cute- I miss y'll. I look forward to that day we meet again.. Uncle Bayo!!! Murphy,during those tellin moments of my life, your counsel was wisely taken. You keep the 'Yega family with your love. And your son, my lil bro..Jide. Dawg, you gat artsitic ideas. Aunt Shade , your have added a meaningful world to my uncle's life. And to your daughter, Wunmi, we have met once, you are wonderful. Let your love flourish. Long live Yega Family. Nike Ishola, you are part of these huge family. We married you into this family. You are such beautiful one. To all my nephews....TobiAshely, Dapo(Jr)Michael, Leke(Jr)Reno, Kobi & Kaylan. Y'll YEGA! Nicky Turner. You are amazingly wonderful. Thank you for bringin' up my nephews with you beautiful heart. You shine above all. For all the love you have given, you will stay ahead in good shape. Remember how hard things were, take word that all the blessings are here to stay. To my soul brother, Saheedseeduffy. When those moments befell me, you took my storms as though they were yours. You give and you forget. Not many practise such. I constantly hope and pray that your wealth of strenght and kindness remain a blessing from above. To your wifey, Rachael Omote, your style is fresh. Your smile is diamond. keep the love burning. And where is khadine? ugh?! The Opaleyes- Kunle, Seun and Ololade. A million reasons why you are not forgotten. A million reasons why you remain invariable in my thoughts.IT'S LOVE. Yemi The ORIGINAL Opa!!!- You have travelled through the greatest storms, you have returned, unharmed. BAD DAYS-BAD WEATHER! If only u knew how much respect I have for you. To your wife, Yetunde(Missy)- I swear, I respect you like no other. You are a true sister who gives so much but, infact, receives non. Remeber that after the rain comes sunshine. To your son, Damilola, at age 4, you have more gurlfriends than a true playa! I am jealous!! . The Sanni's- Tunde, Monsurat, Yusseff shakur, Fatimah, Nofiat, Aminat, Ayisat, Suleiman & Gafar. It's goin good. I miss the love you give to me. And to your mom, I cherish all that you've given. BiodunMr B, Toyin, Bunmi and ofcourse your Mom; my aunty. You guys are a constant shower of Love. It's unbelievable. There is sunshine. The Tepede's- Anny, Sally, Bola, Kenny & Tee and Idowu(ID). Love is all we have. Let's keep it alive. We may seem so far away but I know one thing is sure that all will be well. The Bankole's- Akinola, Ade, Yewande, Lola and my own Okikiayo! I miss you guys. The Rodoye's- Agh, I can't breath cuz I truly miss you guys...Tayo, Wunmi, Bola, Tinu, Kaz. Rotimi, Nophie and BlakRat, I look forward for another lastin'day with you guys. Shola- I saw you mom when she came to London. She told me how grown you are. Everything will be alright. Dayo and Lara Aladegbola, you guys are sparklin! You have always been there. Lara, thanks for the words you shared and for evey moment yor cared. Prince SharrY Bay!!! My unlce in Canada...You have travelled the world..14 countries around the world. From Africa to Asia. Asia to europia and now in Canada. Plus the mission to Malaysia. 007 might want your job! Thanks for the words. The Rosiji's- Tinu, kemi, bola, folake and Lanre. You are the tightest family I have ever seen. The love you give is geniune. Thanks for all the sisterly love you have shown to mama. Sulaiman SadiQ- MaitoMan..dawg you" yellow-ass mutherf**ker"...I miss your truth and hard work. I am making that call. Emman Roberts- Sorry I haven't made that phone call- You are still my niggah. Football was all we eat back in the day! T-BOZ, you flash with your calm attitude. And when u drink, niggah, u drink. Always a bottle on the side. Make more money my friend. Cousin BBBiola Banire- Call your big brother. Just because you are thick and beautiful doesnt mean you should hide away in Luton. Holla. Kunle KazeemKK. Kunle- You have always been special. It's just the way you do what you do. Remember one thing, you are a true blessing. Seun Agbole- You are a true footballer, get your ass back to America!!! Taiwo and Kenny, I mis you guys too. Yaboth grown. I am comin to visit in Maryland soon.."We goin to the club...". This goes out to your mom, aunty Tayo. she is the back bone that never rest. Respect her always. If you are readin this, I remember vividly when you came back from Newyork. You brought a card, the words in card read, though simple, it carried so much weight. All it said was..." just to let you know that you are thought of" Thank you. Olumide AmosunLummy I miss you like crazyyyyyyyy!!!Sadie, your a remembered. I look forward to seein' you. To the Olowus...Tayo, Tokunboh, Tola, you guys are hot yet harmless!!! I miss y'll like crazy!!! I look forward for that day. Cousin A.Y! you are a Nicca with style!!!. Pink trainers and a pink cap, that was slamming! I promise 2006 is surely good. To all the Erinle's- Segun Erinle-Richy When you make dosh; you make dosh. Let the world wonder. From America to Qatar, the fresh soil of Qatar to Canada. I am certain your name is next on "Forbes.com", Bisoye, Bisi, Bola and Deji. We have come a long way. Selen "Elisabeth"- You have been a constant thought in my mind. Your poetic skills and the voice that u carry within you is of higher rank. I salute your sexiness. OdunAyo- Gurl your smile is hot. If you thought you skipped my mind, well, think again. You needa come home from Lutoneous! Someseggy-"Segun Olaifa"- Cousin, I have for long tagged you as Java. It's the way you have mastered the stomach and the brain of a computer. I lack the understanding why Bill hasnt hollered at you. Holla your boi! Slough "Olawale Olaoye!!!- Music started from your crib! damn! Slough Studio 21. I remember when we did a remake of "wifey" Shit, Michael Adjie ripped the rap and I kiltttt the vocals. Damn, we took it up to Oxford Circus. The guys in the KENWOOD store thought it was some bad ass dudes slamming jams. Mayne, you are remembered. Martina,TinaBonnie I asked my self time and time again. It's an amazing place to be. I told you more than once I like it when u laugh. I thank you for trustin me to talk to ur beautiful kids. I need to let you Know that you've touched a part of me that I cant deny, because it feels good.It feels so good that it makes me feel brand new. I am found! Hamed Adebeshin- Your are nothin but my flesh. For 14yrs! Let's keep it alive! I will always remind myself of the great things you have done in my life. Tokunboh Popoola, you are genius with a lot of venom! You know you are a part of the huge Yega family. To your wifey, Shade- Gurl, your sweet smile is hard to find. Your kindness is genuine. Quam!!!! holla at your boi. You have always been the finnest dresser. Unleashin the first suede moccasin. That shit was sleek. J'Boy! "Jaypapa pimpin" - Dawg, make that dosh. You have a brain...I call it atypical. You own the south East! I want you to remember one thing- you are forever my niggah. Gbenga ElegbdeGaggle You ma niggah. Remember how we used to roll the club. How you used to disappear with a gurl by your side and then, then a week later you claim to be born-again!! Who you foolin'? Wale Bakare- My niggah, my dawg, my blud. No one collects records like you!!! You are a music GURU!! I miss all that trip to Martins and I look forward to a better life. Yetunde Bayewunmi, from your head to the sole of your feet, you are flawless. You know it and I know it. I miss the stars in your eyes. Bashir Blaize- "the finest pioneer studyin criminology" You are a true super star. Your ideas are rear. One thing is for sure, you dont belong to the league of tall dreams; you ARE a tall dream. NoQioAkintude- Your visions are forever positive. You should become a football manager! Never say Never. A man with colorful vision. We shall break through! SnipperMichael Adjie- Your ass needa hit the studio. Roll up with a bottle of Hennessey. Allow me to stress that I admire your thickness. A true playa husslin' thru thick layer. DJD. Johnson, you stand out. Not because of your skin or because you are 6"2!! It's because, your last name is Foreign!! Mayne, you my homeboy-for sure. Eniola!!!- If I chose to reverse my life, you will be the chosen one. Ah!, No one makes me laugh like you do and you know it's true. I respect your craziness with it's smooth blend of fresh charisma-update- 24th Jan' 2006. 7:40pm, again, you cracked me up! I demand aeration!Olushola Olabode- If I kiss you once, I will kiss you twice. You are too fine. Nothin can compare. You are my sister, I declare. Everythin is alright. You are special. Chandni Virdi- I typed your name with precision and ease. You know you'll always hold a place in my life. Learn to believe in me. My advice is; Go to church oftenlol.As crazy and as sweet as you are, you are worth every pain. I miss you and you know it. I will relive every moment. Do you remember the office stories? I love you. Sherrif Lawal'...You thick mutherf*ker! Grow tall ni**ah. What makes you thick is staying true to your focus. It jump-started from the days of M&S! You my hom'boy. Keith- let's make that song. I can't wait. TC!- I am touched by the vibe in your voice- your name is parading the UK!!! Thanks for introducing me to Audacity!!. I knew you gat it. Ensure you complete the paper work. Niggah Roi- Your skills are noted. If you think you are alone, think twice. From my window-view, I see so many bright lights. You are one of them. I affirm, we will reach promise-land. Tolu, you are thought of. Let your sun glimmer even when it's dark. to all my friends- Edward. You are blessed. May the blessing of God continue to be with you and your newly found family. Welcome to to the family TeeRo- your ass is next. Pick up the muscles son. you guys are remembered. Chicka, stay intune with the afro. Shady Blu- Your voice, your poise- Oh! Sing on woman. To "Charlies Angels", Stacy- Gurl, you are fine!! I admire your professionalism mixed with a sweet blend of pleasure. Estha- stay as you are. You have admirers and I am NOT prepared to mention names. Fazzanah, I miss you. I really do and when I said we will meet again, I meant and I mean it. Bunmi, it's an understatement to call you, crazy. You are insane with passion!! Your approach is bold, but shy within. Maryam- You are truly sexxy. Oops, I meant...beautiful. Zahid Thebus. Your name had to generate a new sentence. If I am to ever have another supervisor, it gatta be you! Your Charisma is nothing but grand! Dami, I was moved by your concern. You are worth more than you think. Efua, in your eyes, I see sweet emotions. Stay beautiful and if there is a name for you unborn super-child, I will call him Marliec! My man, Raheem- You know she is the one...you know it. I respect your focus to life. Anitaaa- If it's all 'bout "D", you have to do what u gatta do to have what you must have! Babe, come on! Allow me to say that I cherish your true spirit and with polished mind of a lawyer, you scare me! My niggah Ren- You are rare. Alpacino in the makin'! You gat talent! Kadeida Beenie- Gurl you know how you do when u do your do. You voice is the tool. you are wonderful. Zak, ur ass needa cut down on the smoke but when u have Ashley chillin with ya, then you are both corrupt! "You guys are assigned to a queue of tamed smokers". "Chinky Winky"- I swear you are sexxy! Babe, I know, yes, I know I owe you one. Let's make more remixes! Joy silver- Your voice has given India Arie a run for her vocals! Sheyi!!!- My only sister in Hackney, you are crazy but sweet. Many have taken your kindness for weakness, and that's exactly where they thought wrong. I love you. Yemisi, you are a true FlyRonnie! I love YOUR dimples. I love your taste...oh, how I wishlol You are more than just a friend. Andrew with all due respect, pls dont take offence, but Bisi- If you were single, you would be the one. You are more than just a face. Andrew, believe in these words, you haven?t lost your crown, but allow Femi, to at least, share in your glory. I Look forward to the 14th! Femi- "The comic" To tumble, to fall and to run is a great effect. You have a genteel mind of a sales-man. Yomi- I approve of your strong rationale for business and being a writer, it avows your skills. I will also accept your hand in the " unofficial dating" of Yemisi. Ooops, is it official? Many regards to Tunde- When you eat, you eat. You are gifted, abundantly. Temi- Your voice graced the occasion, Tolu- You are not forgotten. Shine. Abi- I judged you from a distance. From that distance, my conclusion is that you have style. Beni- We forgot all about the pipe! Your character is sparkling. Uzo, when a man is quiet, they are usually dangerous. Dr Ivor!- Make money my friend. A man should never be judged by the size of his jacket. I respect your calm intellect. To your wife Andora. Your blackness comes with richness. You guys are a perfect match. Enjoy. To every single one of you, many thanks for acceptin my voice. Ah, y'll make me feel like a superstar!!! NikeTT- You matter to me. I have emphasized a million times, your words carries weight. We've been together for so long. May God continue to bless your new home. I thank you for all the support. You never looked back. You are a special part of my life. Ronnie Apampie- You are bold and elegant. In time, dedication will payoff. DJ Abass, you have united many. Thanks for all those VIP passes. You'll be the first to promote it when I am off the hook. BisoyeGucci Fowora- You are so fly! I miss that smile you always carry. Stephanie, I am yet to hear you sing, I look forward to future collabos! You should explore my darkroom for you ar super model. Just be sure you get paid. Yetunde, I am holding you responsible for betrayin that promise. I fathom the reasons...but, don't give it up. You are blessed, for in your name I see beyond pitchblack. The Idowus. Femi, Wunmi, Anne and Titi, you guys are the bum. Femi, Thanks for all the support. Wunmi, you better stop those ol' school excuses about not calling. Miss Y'll. TayoTY- You are cherished, not just for your smile but also for your kind heart.I mean it. In 6months, you have cared like I matter. I will appreciate you forever. Otis DaleOtiso!- Ma ni**h, be careful how you travel through those cosy, wet walls. Thanks for hookin me up with Keith. We'll share the percentages! Chante, your name came on here because you play a huge effect in my life. I pronounce your name with so much joy. Your are unique, your understanding and your smile is refreshing and I will hold it firmly for as long as it takes- We will always meet in our common-place. You are special. Somayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!...Gurl, you have somethin that makes me call your name in my sleep. God help me on this one! I am sure he understands. For those I didn't mention, pls forgive me for you are honorably remembered. I have BRIEFLY written to say... I remain, Marliec. Marliec 'DeYega? and Marliec? Yega? Inc. for Yega? Ent? 2005
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