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Rod Danz
Rod Danz
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Euro-Trash Lounge Punk! Punk-Rock and Rap Style Fun uplifting music. Try my music on your pet, see what happens!!
My name is Rod Danz and I am a solo artist. A few years ago, Pat Cashman, a Seattle, Wa DJ was given one of my CD's as a gift. Pat fell in love with my unusual interpretation of rock classics that we all know and love. He was soon playing and promoting my music on his talk radio show. My style created quite a controversy and I developed a following which led to successful sales of my CD through Tower Records. When Pat changed radio stations he again introduced my music to the public. He loved to contrast my version with the original artist. I have participated in several charity events. I have been honored to perform at "Woodstick II and Woodstick III" held each year in the Tacoma Dome. Woodstick is an annual attempt to break the world's record for number of drummers drumming to the same song. It was a privledge to be able to perform with a multitude of famous drummers from bands such as Queensryche,BB King (Tony Coleman), Yes (Alan White) he also was the single drummer for John Lennon for the song Imagine,and Heart. My music is different..kinda Euro-Trash Lounge Punk with an edge..your pet may also like the music (haha)..Listen and enjoy!
Band/artist history
I was discoved in a music class in 1999 by Maria Lujan. From there I produced a couple of music cd's just for the fun of it. One of the cd's landed in the hands of Pat Cashman who was a DJ for KOMO at the time. Pat fell in love with my sound and played my stuff on KOMO all the time. When Pat changed stations and audiences with a move to KJR, he took my music with him. He often played it on KJR in contrast to the original artist. My association with Pat has led to my participation in the Woodstick events for the past 3 years. You can check out the latest Woodstick report under the news section. I have been an Artist on Soundclick for just a short time. I will say its a great site, my music has been well received by the listening public. I have had 5 songs that have gone to number 1 thus far. Many of my songs have been downloaded around the world in at least 70 countries . My songs have placed in the top 25 in two genres, rock and comedy. Finally, I have songs in 7 main genres, with a total of 76 songs in all.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have had a couple of different radio interviews, was played frequently on both Komo and KJR in Seattle by DJ Pat Cashman. I performed with several famous drummers backing me at a charity event....that was quite a special moment. I also sang at The Triple Door(in Seattle Wa.) This event was a charity for Ray Allan's Ray of Light. I sang live next at The Qwest Field Exhibition Hall in Seattle on Sat. May 13th,2006. This event is a charity event to support the next attempt to break the world record for the number of drummers drumming to one song. I hope you can be there to be part of the event. Last year there were over 500 drummers at the Tacoma Dome. KZOK radio station- in Seattle Washington, USA was the sponsor of this charity event. Most recently I sang at Studio 7 in the south end of Seattle. Some of my friends sang with me. The sound man there, Scott, was really good and made for a rockin great time!
Your musical influences
Some people who influenced me are Buddy Holly, Tommy James, Elvis ,The Everly Brothers and The Rolling Stones.I enjoy all types of music, there is nothing I won't try. My music was originally classified as classic rock but many people would argue that it is really punk or maybe Euro Trash Lounge Punk is a more accurate description. For example Tom Collens, a music professor, at the University of Washington indicated that my half rap half rock style is unique in rock and roll history. He teaches the history of rock and roll at the university. I have been given extensive breathing and singing technique by David Kyle, known as the Mistro around the world. He really put his thinking on my singing. He worked with such stars as Hellen Ready, Children's artist Tim Noah, John Wayne, and a whole host of others.
What equipment do you use?
Most of my songs were done in studios using a Neuman microphone model U-87. This is the best German microphone ever produced. It generates a warm sound.
Anything else?
WARNING!!!! My music style tends to be addictive. It is unique, my own, and it seems that people absolutely love it or absolutely hate it.I was taught by Maestro David Kyle, a world renowned music teacher who celebrated my 4 1/2 octave range and encouraged me to continue with my music passion. Everyone is different and interprets music individually. I enjoy input and opinions of others even when they differ from my own. If everyone were the same it would be a boring world. Some people say my music is "feel good" music and uplifting! I have been told by people who listen to my music that the pets around them also listen and respond in a positive way. I understand this is not usual and if you notice something odd or different about the way in which your pet acts then please contact me and let me know. I would really appreciate that!
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