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Whale Hawk
Whale Hawk
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Beats, Bari Sax, Heat, Whale and or Hawk
WhaleHawk is a collective that features the show-stopping ability of Jacob Sanders! Mr. Sanders has singlehandedly stopped several of not only his own shows, but others as well. WhaleHawk is of the mind that music should contain dope beats, and contemplative progressions in the style of such artists as Chris Bowden, DJ Shadow, J-Dilla and Fat Jon. Armed only with an 8-track and a bag of dreams, WhaleHawk is committed to broaden the musical horizons of all within earshot, while promoting the skills necessary to bum-rush and thusly rock a show. Mr. Sanders has production/arranging/composing/performing credits on over twenty different albums. Along with being thorough with the women he was also featured in DownBeats Student Music Awards issue for being the Top College Jazz Soloist of 2002. WhaleHawk currently lives in NYC with his lovely wife and an itchy recording finger. He plays with several different bands at various spots all across the US. His music has been described as mind-bending, and pretty-good. His latest release The Big Band Theory on Cuezone Records is touted as being not bad.
Band/artist history
You see boys and girls, when a man and a woman love each other very much something magical happens....They start by taking each other on series of 7-10 dates, all concluding with a gentle hug goodnight. Then on the eleventh date, the man takes off his blazer and hat, then convinces the woman that he just wants to 'rub her back' and there will be 'no funny stuff.' He applies copious amounts of any favorite lubricant and then slowly, ever so slowly he.....wait a minute...BAND history, wow, this is awkward.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Been throwin sound balls from Colorado to Puerto Rico. Played once in Atlantic City--had to take 7 showers after, stilll dirty. Currently staring at people in between solos in the New York area! Every moment we play music is special. 'crowd'---"Awwwwww."
Your musical influences
Orchestrated and arranged saxophones, beat oriented productions hinging on unique progressions, large scale compositions, samples, Gil 'mutha f-*#in Evans!
What equipment do you use?
Motif es6, Yanigasawa Baritone Saxophone, Dean Bass Guitar, Fostex 8-track, Tascam DP-01FX, Adobe Audition, Audacity, bullet mic of time, crappy wooden flute, wine glasses, chimes, Digitec Pedals -Synth Wah and DigiDelay, Line 6 Guitar POD, flute, friends.
Anything else?
Guess who loves you?
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