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Tsumpahan 2 Minggu
Tsumpahan 2 Minggu
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A genre binding mix of gothic, doom and death metal riffings accompanied by a small dose of emo in the vocals.
Gothic Doom/Death Metal band from the darkest and most treacherous part of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Tsumpahan 2 Minggu is the forgotten bastard child of all that's hopeless and left for dead in the city...Delivering depressingly heavy sounds that represents the darker and unwanted side of the nation's capital.
Band/artist history
Tsumpahan 2 Minggu is the brainchild of Shaithorne Nizamaroth who is the mastermind and who used to be the sole member of the band. Discussions were held back then in order to induct other tortured souls into the fold, but none managed to show the commitment and grimness needed to impress Shaithorne, and he decided to pursue this project on his own. That is, of course, before he met four similarly restless mortals whose only love in life is dark music and is as passionate in this unholy form of art as Shaithorne himself. They are siblings Lucifirish and Iron Lung, whom later brought in his cousin Fadhilathor into the fold to complete the band. Currently Tsumpahan 2 Minggu is made up of Shaithorne Nizamaroth on vocals and rhythm guitar, Iron Lung on lead guitar, Lucifirish on bass and Fadhilathor behind the drums. Many have criticised Tsumpahan 2 Minggu's music as being simplistic and its lyrics straight to the point. This is what Shaithorne has to say to those people: "There is no point of being too philosophical when you can't get the message through the way you want it." And Tsumpahan 2 Minggu's message is clear for all to understand: "Death is imminent, immortality is obsolete"
Your musical influences
Shaithorne Nizamaroth is very much into old school black metal such as Darkthrone and Burzum, and acts like these have influenced Tsumpahan 2 Minggu's approach into making music; simple and straight forward. Apart from that other bands that have influenced Tsumpahan 2 Minggu's unique blend of gothic doom/death metal one way or another would be acts like Type O Negative, My Dying Bride and Moonspell.