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Peak in sub-genre #69
My music is a representation of my mind and the way that I perceive life and the situations I face. The tracks have come from pure, raw emotion. It has been said that the sound I create could be likened to Ben Harper, Jack Johnsen, and Damien rice.
Band/artist history
Where Im from Ok where to start. Im from a small village in Kent called Five Oak Green, a typical village boy that loves to travel. Music has always been a major contributor to the household and I was actually brought up listening to dub and reggae. Music from Linton Kwesi Johnson to Bob Marley played major roles and featured in my musical growth. Life for me has always been about more than just everyday life and have found myself running towards the lesser travelled places. Where the musics from Although my music doesnt have the reggae sound, many of the structures come from reggae roots. Of course reggae was not the only input in my life and over the years I have dipped in and out of all styles, punk, metal, rock, blues, folk, and even hardcore, drum and bass etc Reggae, I feel, gave me the sense of listening deeper into the music and the meanings. For me music truly is the heart and soul of all people and for me expresses things in the only way that comes close to pure feeling, more than just words.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
at the moment im giging around the cambridgeshire area and its all going better than i could have hoped for, in the past ive gigged in london and kent and am always prepared to travel anywhere to play.
Your musical influences
my influences come mainly from my friends playing around me, hearing live music. i love music from major gatherings where the music just happeneds. most of my inspirations are acoustic players but i think if you have a voice and use it in the right way. anything is possible.
Anything else?
All the sounds on these tracks have come from all acoustic instruments creating a unique sound using the instruments in a way to form THE sound that work. Everyone that has taken the time to listen has given nothing but positive feedback. Im not trying to be a rocker, a metaler, a folkie or anything of the sort but the music has a way of cutting straight through all genres and going straight to the soul of all people. Just listen to the music and I promise youll feel the same.