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Penis Man Eats Rape Man
Penis Man Eats Rape Man
45 Tracks
Penis Man Eats Rape Man can be compared to electronic ass raping with combined reach arounds with sandpaper as well as acidic seman.
F*ck Intro 666
Peak in sub-genre #9
N*ggaz, Jews, and B*tches
Peak in sub-genre #8
Rap Song 666
Peak in sub-genre #6
Choad Monkey
Peak in sub-genre #5
The members of this lovely band met one year at Vacation Bible School. Through their shared love of Jesus, music, and church, they decided to begin what would become one of the most successful musical careers of all-time. Oh shit, I'm thinking of P.O.D. Fuck them. Penis Man Eats Rape Man began in the summer of 2002 with two bored faggots with a Dell computer, a Casio keyboard, and MTV Music Generator. Having nothing better to do than drink beer and smoke cigarettes, the two got together to write and record one of the worst CD's of all time, the 5-song "Feed The Baby Glass" EP, which included the infectious summer pop anthem, Fuck Bitches. The two young men donned the names Penis Man and Rape Man. The two lived by their lyrics, and fucked plenty of bitches. 159 brewskies, 26 blowjobs, and 4 dead dogs later, the group would eventually finish their first full-length album, "LMAO@JFK," which was released in January of 2003. The PMERM hype caught on, and four more members would hop on board, including Big Cob Dubya, Justin Time, Ricki Rage, and Jew Masta Jay. Within a few short months, the group recorded well around 40 tracks, 32 of which became PMERM's next full-length CD, Jesus Is Awesometastic. The popularity of PMERM spread throughout their hometown, and JIA became an instant classic. After a year and a half break, which in the mean time, a few PMERM members did a side-project known as The 666 Kids, PMERM was back, minus Justin Time and Zach Attack, and released by far one of the most offensive albums EVER, Violent Child Fucker. Then they were raped and murdered while protesting a gay pride parade in San Fransisco. RIP.
Band/artist history
I think I already put something similar to that... but here's a different point of view. Fag #1 meets fag #2. Fag #1 mentions they should start a band. Fag #2 agrees and they make music. The end.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Sometimes I have special moments... when daddy touches my special areas.
Your musical influences
MC Rhythmless Mc Chris Robitussin Buttsechs
What equipment do you use?
Fruity Loops 3 Sonic Foundry Sound Forge 7 MTV Music Generator Sonic Foundry Acid Pro 4
Anything else?
Yes, how clever. Creating a space for the sole purpose of containing "anything". Anything may be alot. Let us not forget that anything could be everything.
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