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Pretty Willie aka P Dub
Pretty Willie aka P Dub
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R&B married to hip hop!
P-Dub gives "THURRO-P" "THURRO-P" Willie Moore Jr., known to his friends and fans as Pretty Willie or P-Dub anticipates the release of his new album, "THURRO-P" in the summer of 2007. His new album to be released on his label WILFLO features a long list of guest appearances such as, Cedric the Entertainer, Potzee (Derrty ENT. Quor), and Hoo Bangin artist Rukka Puff. Drawing on his roots as an artist, on-air radio personality and psychology major, Willie created "THURRO-P" as a way to bring his music to life and integrate it into the lives of his fans. The CD portrays Willie playing the role as an on-air psychologist who accepts various calls from his fans, offers his advice and follows up with a song relative to their situation. Willie learned at a young age that his calling in life was in music. He displayed his passion and dedication through his participation in talent shows, the church youth choir and time spent with his father in local juke joints. At the age of twelve, Willie started his own group called the Baby Gangstaz. This group landed him a deal with a local record company, French Jamz. Through this opportunity, they were able to gain local fame and release their first album titled, "E-Z Goin' Gangsta". In 1997 he became the Missouri State Champion in the 100 meter dash. This accomplishment earned him a full track scholarship to the University of Mississippi where he earned a degree in psychology, pledged the historically black fraternity, Kappa Alpha Psi, and helped him to grow into a very prominent college student athlete. Being a college track star with Olympic dreams as well as a reputation as a popular artist, Willie made a life altering decision. He decided to pursue his music career full-time. Shortly thereafter, Willie was signed by Universal Records for his single, "Roll Wit Me," which led to the creation of his debut album, "Enter the Life of Suella", a mix of Hip Hop and R&B. Willie attributes a portion of the success of this album to the local radio station KATZ 100.3, The Beat. That album yielded several other successes such as the single "Na Na" featured on the soundtracks of the hit movies Guru and Bad Company, starring Chris Rock and Anthony Hopkins; a Celebrity figure for Rap Snacks Potato Chips; and finally serving as the opening act for several mainstream performers such as Sean "P Diddy" Combs, New Edition, Mario, R. Kelly and Trillville (to name a few). Willie became a well-known radio personality in the mid-west region on KATZ 100.3- The Beat. His show, "Pretty Radio" became the #1 radio show on the weekends. This radio show provided a bevy of opportunities for Willie to grow in knowledge and progress his music career. He was able to learn industry lingo and test his new music on the listeners. From this process of testing, Willie emerged with two bona fide hits, "Wooo", a hip hop hit, and "Lay Your Body Down". Lay Your Body Down later became an unofficial love anthem for all generations. This success propelled Willie's career onto new levels. It enabled him to launch his own company "WILFLO Records" (2004), which is a tribute to his parents Willie Sr. and Flora. Without their unconditional love and support, the magnitude of his success would be non-existent. With a new label and a renewed sense of confidence, Willie released an independent album "Pretty Willie vs. P-Dub." This album was reflective of his multi-talents in both Rap and R&B. It included the hit songs "Four Walls" and "Lay Your Body Down," which featured in the movie, "Johnson Family Vacation", starring Cedric the Entertainer and Vanessa Williams. The album further solidified his position as a hit maker. Willie states, "I did this album independently so I could be myself and build my own fan base, my way!" With two successful albums under his belt, Willie and his partner Rod Odom gained airplay on P1, P2, and P3 radio stations across the mid-west and southern regions. The continuous airplay resulted in an increased awareness of his music and they where able to set out on multiple college tours selling out stadiums in major cities and markets. This union led to the production of his latest album "Therapy" Co-Produced by the Muzic Doctorz (Big Lou, 88, Theo, and Willie J). Willie has coined this album as, "a culmination of everything he has been through and the prominence gained in the Mid-west and South. A good blend - one that will be a fruitful return to his roots." "There's a lot of me on it. I come from Berkeley, a hood that isn't known for a lot of positive things and I'm definitely showing the hood how to stay positive and follow your dreams even through the midst of adversity. I believe some people get success by chance, but I'm destined for success through this struggle so I will appreciate it a lot more than a person who got it by chance. Dreams Do Come True!"
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live all over the country, any time anywhere!
Your musical influences
Im a big fan of Hip Hop and R&B, so I like everything from Al Green to Jodeci and R Kelly, to the Game and Dr Dre to Mos Def and Kanye West and that G.O.O.D. Music
What equipment do you use?
God's instrument- my voice
Anything else?
www.wilflo.com Come holla at me!
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