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'Victim of my Anger' RANKED #1 here at soundclick.com in the Alternative-avant rock genre. It also reached #1 in the overall alternative list of more than 113,000 songs. Kastadyne, a (mostly) studio band, is basically the writer-composer duo of Sheldon Fonseca and Tejas Narayan (TJ). Sheldon is the lead vocal and lyricist and TJ is the bassist and plays all the guitars on the album. The final mastering was done at XARC, Germany. On this CD, the sessions musician is Adriel George on keys. On the live gigs scene, Kastadyne has recently added on Lavkik as the guitarist and Vaibhav as the drummer. Word on the street is that Kastadyne is 'original', 'new-age', 'un-metal' and 'surprising themes and hooks'. We've put up all the eleven songs from the Eleven Complaints album and one bonus track 'Nightmare' from the band's early days. THIS BONUS SONG IS A FREE DOWNLOAD! We will appreciate your feedback. Please write to kastadyne@kastadyne.com.
Band/artist history
As early as grade nine, Sheldon was spotted with a notebook crammed with ink-stained, original songs. A shy and inward looking boy, he kept the notebook to himself but word of it leaked and reached yet another reserved classmate TJ who knew more than a chord or two on his Yamaha acoustic. Together this duo of songwriter-composer started jamming at TJ's home and scratch-recorded as many as 40 songs down to hard disk on TJ's dad's computer. They polished the ones they liked - with the feedback they got from friends and fans - to perfection over the next couple of years! It is from this hefty repertoire that 11 songs were chosen and worked upon for the maiden album 'Eleven Complaints'. Adriel George, their constant companion and band member (keys) in the early days came up with the name Kastadyne, claiming it meant nothing but sounded good. There's been no looking back since.
Your musical influences
Our influences range from deep purple to limp bizkit to nirvana. Some people say that (because of the vocal harmonies we love) we are like the classic Crosby Stills Nash meets today's Rage Against the Machine.
What equipment do you use?
Samick electric guitar, Samick bass guitar (Korean). Also an Ovation semi-solid, a Yamaha acoustic and an Ibanez electric. Korg and Zoom processors, Evans drum kit, Pro Tools, Korg N264 keyboard, Kustom and Line 6 amps, Behringer mixer, Digi rack 002, a few nice mics (Shure SM57s, SM58, Rode NT-1A and NT-3, AKG D112, M-Audio Nova), Dynaudio monitors, zillions of software plug-ins (Waves, McDSP, Digidesign, DUY, the works...)
Anything else?
We take a lot of trouble getting the songs to sound right. We love tweaking stuff till it sounds perfect to us. Not just musically, but also technically.
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