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Young Talented Rapper
What u Want Freestyle!!!!
Ask Me Anything (Produced by Lokken Load Beats)
Around Me ft. Cory Gunz
Hate Me Now
Have You (Produced by Inkredible)
Rain is a necessity, we may like it, we may not, but at the end of the day it is required to encourage growth, it provides nourishment and often after rain comes sun. Randy ?Rain? Watford is the personification of a celebrity in the making, not just because he provides the thirsty hip-hop fan with something to satiate their thirst, but because at just seventeen years young he displays true understanding of two key elements a person needs to possess to get a head start in the ?game?; focus and drive. Emcees, they come and they go, they can be the most mind blowing talent one day, but within a month their ?sell by date? may be reached. Nothing is promised, nothing is guaranteed. But Rain and his total comprehension of focus and drive plans to maintain longevity. Born and raised in the city of Fayetteville, North Carolina, he emanates a knowledge so rare for someone so young in years. Rain has stories to tell and having been exposed to icons such as Kool G Rap and legends like Rakim, Rain took his views and ideas to paper at the age of thirteen. Determined to be a significant person for the youth of the present and the struggles and obstacles they face. Rain wants to be recognized for going against the grain as opposed to jumping on the same bus as the rest in their fight to secure a mainstream existence, ?Whatever is going on in the industry, I am going to do the opposite.? He thrives on creativity; he flourishes on originality but his mind is focused on making songs and hits as opposed to being considered nothing more than a ?walking notebook.? Leaving school at the influential age of 16 may not have been the best move for him but it did encourage him to take a trip north to the Hip-hop Mecca, New York City. Often location can be critical in a person?s future and if migration is something an individual opts to do, NYC is often the destination of choice. Leaving NC and his family behind him however wasn?t necessarily a hard act, as Rains main aspiration after securing status for himself is to remove his family from the ?hood. So to enable this progression he had to take leave. He plans on aiming his experience at the younger generation. He wants to send messages in his lyrics, but as he quickly states, ?I am not starting a revolution, but I am going to try and clear things up.? Just like his name, he goes over the umbrella as opposed to being under it and labeled to just one type of rap. With this perception and maturity, Rain plans on bringing a new lease of life to a somewhat regurgitated mainstream, through thought provoking relatable lyrics backed up by beats from some of the games hottest producers, such as Rockwilder and Jake One. He is a prime example of an emcee taking control of a track as opposed to the track taking control of the emcee; a common happening in today?s music. This dedicated team player knows getting through the door of the hip-hop world will just encourage more to open and as he pointed out, ?I am not trying to be a slave for the rest of my life.? He knows what he has to do to get to where he is going. So both figuratively and literally there really is no escaping Rain, we can just keep our eyes open and ears to the ground because when it ?Rains? it will pour and there will be a new growth, a very unique one which people will have no other option than to take note of.
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Jay Z, Nas, B.I.G.
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