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5 average guys looking for a laff
ola! welcome to the illegal amigoz! los amigoz l'egales are very glad you found this page and hope you enjoy the music. we're pUnKeR than PaNcAkEs
Band/artist history
Myself ,the drummer and two guitarists felt like playing fast energetic punk one day. so we practiced and practiced until we decided to find a bass player. we found this really cool guy had seen our advert and he came along with his bass and started to jam. then, i asked my mate to sing for the band, seen as our other band was falling to bits (5 oiks in a van), but he was at first reluctant. meanwhile the bass guitarist was having teething problems learning guitar.and so after having to let him go we found as our new bassist was settling in, the music was starting to get a little less thrash and a little more punky melodically, which was frustrating coz now we had the fingers and the talent to pull off more clever thrashy punk stuff. NOW we bak on the road to the energetic punk which we started off with. im looking forward to seeing how we pull off this next recording coming soon. we are in the middle of creating a website (www.theillegalamigoz.co.uk) which gives off more of a scent. when it will be finished- ??????
Have you performed in front of an audience?
the best gig we done was in swansea, our hometown (we dont gig anywhere else), and we played with 'sky babies' and 'showing off to thieves'. man! what a night ;)
Your musical influences
bad religon, nofx, green day, pennywise, ataris
What equipment do you use?
1 yahmaha mapex series punk kit, two (shitty hehe) guitars but two honky stacks, one kronked up bass, (no bass amp!!) a soon to be arriving carlsboro powered amp with a soon to be there sure dynamic robust baby.
Anything else?
love punk
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