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Lil Queezy
Lil Queezy
5 Tracks
The real hip hop artist.
Wus up fans and visitors. My name is Queezy. Im reppin the S.B.I., a.k.a. South Bend, Indiana. Mid West is about to be on the map and if I gotta be the one to put'em on then whats to be done, i gotta do. Im a 15-year-old Sophmore in high school that came to do my thang. For any people from south Bend that's tryin to rap, I am also a Producer. I produce my own music and make my own beats. On the bottom right of the page you will see my number. Hit me up!
Band/artist history
I started rappin when i was 12. Every since then i have developed a whole lot. Most of my ryhmes are about true stuff thats happenin in the world today and the other songs are to attract the crowds.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have prefoormed live a couple of times when i lived in Atlanta, GA.
Your musical influences
The rapper that had the greatest influence on my life is Tupac. Even though i was too young to remember him, i listen to a lot of his music and watch some biografies made on him and it inspires me to finish what he started. The second one is Cassidy. He is the best freestyler on this planet to me. When i started listening to him I started using punch lines more often.
What equipment do you use?
I use a computer, FruityLoops 5, and Magix Music Production Studio.
Anything else?
Above i said that Tupac was my greatest influence and i said that i wanted to finish what he started. What i mean by that is, he always tried to fix problems in the African American Community. Since he's dead, somebody has to stand up and take action. Nobody has done that yet so why not me.
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