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Danny Rey
Danny Rey
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Danny Rey is a "Versatile" Artist who sings and writes his own original songs. His music ranges from RnB, Pop, Ballads, Alternative Rock, Country and even Hip Hop thus his upcoming album is titled "Danny Rey - Versatility". 12 Original Compositions that fit into a number of different genres. Expected release is February 2006. Co-Produced with Arch Angel Records as an Independent Release.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Nothing compares to playing live. I love it. To me that's what doing music is all about. Sure it's great to listen to yourself on the radio, album and the videos etc. but for me playing live and seeing the reaction of people, knowing that you've touched them in some way is the most satisfying part. I remember performing at the "Big Day Out" Concert back home in Australia in front of literally thousands of people. Man what a feeling!!! The energy that you get from the sea of people is just amazing. Even if your having a bad day you can't help but perform well. It's the ultimate rush Man.
Your musical influences
I have so many musical influences. I grew up listening to my parents choices like Matt Monroe, Inglebert Humperdinck, Connie Francis etc. so obviously that mellow sound had an impact on me. In the 80's I was a teenager, into breakdancing so early Hip Hop and rap was also a huge part of my musical make up. Then the ballads from the likes of Lionel Ritchie, Peabo Bryson, Bille Ocean, Stevie Wonder.. Then the 80's rock scene. Van Halen, Bon Jovi.. Way too many influences to list. I guess that's why my music is not limited to one particular genre or style.. Verastility all the way Man.