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bryant dunivan
bryant dunivan
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a solo musician who puts together project bands to create music that i feel is important to get out.ive been called the definition of indie by soundclash music
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bryant dunivan is a 20 year old bass player and songwriter out of estero florida. he started playing bass at age 15 and recorded his first "album" shortly after picking the instrument up. he has released and recorded two other albums, and is currently in the post production phase of his latest record "liveadaptevolverepeat". dunivan has been called the definition of indie by the soundclash music zine, and recieved the honor of his release "the senior sessions" being named one of the top releases of 2004. he is also in the preproduction phase on a new ep entitled "war! its whats on t.v"
Band/artist history
nah, its a story about a teenager and his bass guitar struggling to make it in a world where you need a set of drums, a decent voice, and alot of ass kissing talent...I dont have any of them...so I struggle with my spiel inspired shit...courtesy of mike watt.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes i play live, the best moment ive had was at a coffee shop playing the song saw you at twelve o'clock from my last record, and the girlies in the crowd were actually crying, it was pretty touching.
Your musical influences
Mike Watt, Sublime, The Ziggens, Pepper, Bargain Music, Snot, Incubus, Bargain Music, Ani Difranco, The Doors, Long Beach Shortbus, Long Beach Dub Allstars, Ben Wayne, Badfish, Slightly Stoopid, theStart, Floppy Rods, The Sounds of the World, and the Universe
What equipment do you use?
behringer amplification tascam 4 track behringer 12 channel mixer audio technica mics behringer mics fender, ibanez, and johnson basses fender, peavey, jackson, hohner, and ovation guitars onstage and proline stands
Anything else?
for more information about my music check out:
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