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The Company She Keeps
The Company She Keeps
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instrumental soft jazz rock/pop
Wired by Monkeys
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Hollow at heart
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Jasper and the Hummingbird.mp3
Dance of the plastic pink flamingos
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I bring you greetings from Jacksonville Florida! Just moved myself, my wife, cat, and 30 guitars and basses. I am primarily a solo artist, uh musician, well... wannabe who started life as a bassist, then came to my senses about 20 years ag0, and started annoying my cat with the guitar. I do everything myself, unless it's a part beyond my limited abilities, or I just don't wanna play that particular part. I just LOVE doing this! Taking a silent moment, and filling it with sound, well, it's creation! My main dream as a musician is a simple one. I would love for some kid to pick up a guitar and learn it because he or she heard one of my songs. Me, an influence. Who would have thunk it? All I ask of you kind listeners, is to leave some comments. Good, bad, indifferent, doesn't matter. I would like the input, so I can know what I'm doing right or wrong. And also, I am working on some new stuff. I have moved across the country, got married, worked as a guitar tech, moved back again, and then, moved south. Life has indeed interrupted the visits from the muse. And please, if you decide to download, which I think is a true compliment, leave a comment on my Message Board. I'm curious as to why you want it. Thanks! So please, comment!
Band/artist history
The first project, "Just Look At" was mainly the beginings of showing my love of melody, and simple chord structures with some oddball chords. Most were pop styled, with a few more, ummmm weird pieces thrown in. The secord project, "Wired By Monkeys", is more an exploration of the guitar synth I have always loved. The first piece, "Forsythia" uses it a guitar modeling and sequencing. The second piece, "Dance of the Plastic Pink Flamingos" uses the guitar synth as the main instrument. and as time goes on, more pieces will be added. From the totally virtual accoustic piece "Jasper and the Hummingbird" to the title piece, "Wired By Monkeys". Stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy the insanity! there IS more on the way, once things in my life settle down a bit!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I did play live as a traveling bassist, and occassional guitarist, and did everything from metal to salsa. I came to the realization that I was too old for carrying all the nonsense, and that the music I was playing, just wasn't me anymore. (How many times can you play "Stairway" without starting to hate it?) If something comes up though, Yea I'd like to play live again, especially with the right band.
Your musical influences
Bill Nelson, Be Bop Deluxe, Genesis, King Crimson, Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Beethoven, Gentle Giant, the list is endless and obscenly varried. Bill Nelson, Robert Fripp, and Mike Oldfield are my ideals of the perfect guitarist.
What equipment do you use?
I use various drum samples. Recording: Adobe Audition 1, 1.5, and 3.0 Keys: Emu Proteus 1, Williams Encore, Roland GR30 and a VG8 Effect pedal: Digitech RP200, Vox Stomplab IIG, Digitech DSP5 Guitars: WAYYYYY too many to list, but my main ones tend to be: '07 Gary Kramer Simulator, 78 Gibson L6S, late 70's Manoman (Chusin Gakki)) Paul clone, a custom built super strat with 2 Kramer Quads and a Roland GK2A Pickup. '70's Gianinni Cravola 12 string, '05 Ibanez Artcore AS-73, Douglas Gravity (thinline tele clone.) '73 Ibanez 2398, Ibanez JS-700. circa 64 Domino beatle bass, '70 Epiphone EA260 (or some such model) late '80's Yamaha fretless Bass, and a few other that may or may not be used in recordings.
Anything else?
Thanks to all who have left comments!
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