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The Kelvinators
The Kelvinators
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We're a band from Montpelier, Vermont called the Kelvinators. We play pop-punk with a hint of just about every type of music you could think of. We're beginnin
It doesn't get much more diverse than this. The Kelvinators are made up of four guys from U-32 high school, each one has their own unique style that they bring to the band to make a good show for everyone to enjoy. Chad likes to beats his drum, Brendan does his thing with a bass, Kyle likes the licks (guitar licks that is,) and George sings his little heart out while playing guitar. A CD should be on the way in the near future, but you should try to catch these guys in concert, it will be a time to remeber
Band/artist history
George and Kyle used to play together as an acoustic duo called Nimble Fingers, playing all of the songs that we play now, but with just two guitars. They played a handful of shows around Vermont. Prior to that, Chad and Bez played in a group called the Vagabonds. The Vagabonds has a small amount of local success, with a live radio show and such. Around this time, George and Bez went to Camp Downer together, spending a week in the same cabin, and got to know each other somewhat well. Then one year, George and Kyle transferred to U-32, where Chad and Bez go. And that was around the time that they wanted to start playing electric, and they knew that Chad and Bez used to be in a band together. So they merged together in the confines of Chad's garage one sticky summer day in 2005. The result was a unique sound and style that has yet to receive any sort of classification. All we can say is that it is Kelvinators-Tastic!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Of course we play live, can a band survive without a killer live show? I should think not. Any onstage, we are unstoppable.
Your musical influences
Weezer, Madonna, 98 Degrees, Chicago, Kansas, The Captain and Tenille, Sonny and Cher, Loggins and Messina, Dimebag Darrell, Poison, Twisted Sister, Fists Up High, 50 Cent, The Bacon Brothers Band, Don Johnson, Eddie Murphy, Bruce Willis, Eddie Money, Tom Wopat, Peter Frampton, Limp Bizkit, Ralph Peterson!!! Oh yeah, we're cool like that.
What equipment do you use?
George (Fender Stratocaster and Fender Princeton 90) Kyle (Fender Stratocaster and Marshall Half Stack) Brendan (Fender Precision Bass and Fender Bassman 90) Chad (Vintage 60s Ludwig Set)
Anything else?
You love us and we'll love you!