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Post-grunge / alternative metal band, Russia, baby.
Yo. We just want to play. And to play a lot. and to play out =) The music is described as diversely as post-grunge / emo / fractions of nu-metal, etc. Band's named after a character by Russian poet A. Pushkin, "Eugene Onegin". We gig quite a bit, mostly Poland / Belarus / Russia / Ukraine. Please visit the official page at www.onegin.org
Band/artist history
Okay. Here you go. ONEGIN? came to life as a result of two events ? locally known grunge band PEACEMAKER from Brest , Belarus , split up, freeing up the two future members of ONEGIN? ? Yuri Korogoda (guitars) and Yuri Yurchik (bass). The first demo-tape, consisting of four songs was recorded in early June, 2000. A drummer extraordinary ? Nicholas Semitko ? participated in the recording, and, later, joined the band. After the demo was completed, ONEGIN? began to accumulate material for a full-length album. The new songs were presented at band?s shows, and drew lots of attention from local press, critics and radio stations. The debut album - CITY OF HIGHWAYS ? was recorded in September 2000. During 2001-2003, ONEGIN? made quite a career among independent bands in Belarus . That included the release of the second full-length CD, ?Trust No One?, countless smaller club gigs, support shows with the biggest Belarusan rock bands (including gigs in Moscow ), and festivals. In autumn of 2001 ONEGIN? were acclaimed ?The Rock Band Of The Year? in Brest . All these made ONEGIN? to be the most active touring band of all local rock bands, having dozens of medium-to-big gigs behind ? an experience, that any local rock group is still to rival. Even in the beginning, they were asked to support big national acts when they were coming to Brest ; later, a series of festivals and shows followed. From summer of the year 2003, ONEGIN? started their collaboration with an independent music agency in Poland . This move resulted in numerous gigs in Poland, touring the Eastern part of the country and performing on arenas and airport stages, supporting platinum-selling acts, such as HEY, MYSLOVITZ, LADY PUNK, MAFIA, DE MONO, etc. Band?s music and sound are instantly recognizable. Being described as diversely, as ?post-grunge?, ?emo-core?, ?new-core?, it is a mixture of edge and melody; a spicy cocktail of huge sound of the rhythm section, characteristically throaty and powerful guitars, and unique vocals. All the songs are painstakingly crafted into fine pieces of art, catchy and burning. Lyrically, the songs are as diverse as love stories to histories of many a ?rise and fall? of a person, seeking release of spiritual energy. 99% of tracks recorded and performed by ONEGIN? are originals; the very few covers that are played (such as John Lennon?s ?Cold Turkey? or Queen?s ?Breakthrough?), are reworked and rearranged into totally new music, thus easily reaching young audiences. ONEGIN? have a significant fanbase among local listeners; and the upside is that after the recent release of band?s new single, titled ?Maria?, the group of loyal supporters keeps growing. In October 2004, ONEGIN? are officially invited to Moscow by a known American label ?Roadrunner? to perform at their (Roadrunner?s) first official presentation in Russia. Shortly after that, the band played as a guest star at GENERATION festival in Koszalin, Poland, together with FLAPJACK. In the beginning of the year 2005, a short tour of Ukraine followed, and the band got a great response from Ukrainian listeners, which led to a new tour in May 2005. During summer 2005, the band performed at several big festivals in Poland, including SLOT festival near Wroclaw (www.slot.org) Currently, ONEGIN? are recording their new material for the upcoming release. Band members: Vlad Filippov - vocals, Nikolay Semitko - drums, Yurchik - bass, Yuri N. Korogoda - guitars. Contact: Official web site: www.onegin.org
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yep, quite a bit - Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia.
Your musical influences
Nirvana, The Beatles, SOAD, Rolling Stones, RHCP, Wes Borland, Hendrix blah blah
What equipment do you use?
Fender Am Std Precision bass, BOSS AW3, BOSS LMB2, BOSS ODB3, Ampeg SVT4 Pro with SVT410HLF cab, D?Addario .45 - 105 '99 Gibson LP Studio, Ibanez Prestige RGT220, Ibanez Prestige RGA121, Mesa Triaxis, Mesa 2:50, two Marshall 1936 cabs; Yamaha SCA drums (BD22", FT16",RT13", SN14";) Yamaha 9310 series pedal, Zildjian A Custom cymbals, Vic Firth 2BN sticks
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