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Firts off 'band' is something kinda too big for PHeMoX, basically it's a one-man show, just me playing on my guitar, recording and playing some more. Anyone interested in joining or collaborations?
Band/artist history
I have a long classic guitar background (about 7 years) and now I'm playing on electric guitars for about 5 years. Only started recording stuff a few years ago, mostly because I'm too lazy to write it all down, but also because I find all kinds of neat musical things whilst jamming around not knowing what I'm doing haha!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Nope, not yet, I'm more of a studio-player I think, but I can't really know for sure, never tried to play live yet. It may be kinda complicated too, because I use to play some chords and after that, play solos over them, recording two or more tracks, so... However I've recently bought a PODxt live, so playing live would be a possibility íf I had a drummer that is ;) ...
Your musical influences
I think I have been much influenced by mostly classic rock bands and in particular bands like the Dire Straits, but also blues bands.... I also can't deny that my classical background has it's influence too.
What equipment do you use?
A line6 Variax 300 electric guitar and a Zoom GFX 5 (older songs) pedal, a PODxt live (newer songs), and record my guitar riffs directly to my PC and sometimes I use Magix Music Maker 2005 / Audacity to add some stuff/change it. But I'm also using Rifftworks from line6, infact that's probably the only thing I'll be using, unfortunately it doesn't come with a lot of premade drum sessions...
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