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jjfreeze 360
jjfreeze 360
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JJFREEZE is a Pacific Northwest Rapper. Lived in WA state for half my life... Lived in NY for the other. I appreciate styles from NY to WA and everything
My name is JJFREEZE Spittin out of the 360!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I live in the Pacific Northwest. Sequim to PA 360!!! I produce beats, as well as rap. I have several artists who are currently working on seperate projects. I like were i live, but its a little different then New York wehre i used to live. I really love Soundclick, because you can get your stuff out. Its really cool to have online connections to other artists, producers, and beat makers. I use Soundclick as a source to check out other tight shit. A lot of talent out there!
Band/artist history
When you peep my songs you will get an insight to me and some of my artists. Please Rate my stuff so it jumps in the charts! I WANNA BE # 1 you see. Heres a little rundown of my people... JJFREEZE-Producer/Artist- began rappin at age 15. Likes to add humor, metahpors, as well as sick hooks to get his shit to pop off. Plus i heard he had a 9 inch cock...could be a rumor though...i doubt it.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have rapped live at the Upside in Port Angeles Washington. I have won several freestyle battles, but mostly i go get drunk at parties and spit flows for assholes who wouldn't know if I was rapping good or bad anyway. I once battled this crew from Seattle, and this kid was making fun of my Ecko shirt... so i spit back with "You only dis my Ecko cause I like your moms pussy like a Gecko" that was a crowd pleaser that i remember.
Your musical influences
Big influences Tech n9ne, bone thugs, tupac, twista, hollowtip, dr.dre, eminem, 36 mafia, cypress hill, NECRO, The GAME, Do or Die, Psycho Drama, Delima, Brotha Lynch, Snoop Doggy Dogg. I LIVE FOR RAP AND LOVE IT ALL
What equipment do you use?
MBOX imput Sampson condensor mic Sony MDRCD10 headphones Protools for Audio recording and mastering Reason for beat making
Anything else?
I am down wit all my fans. If you have any ideas or suggestions hit me up. Otherwise RATE MY STUFF Hot/Flop. I appreciate it.
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