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Deadly Mix Productions
Deadly Mix Productions
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Professional recording studio engineer and production services. We provide PROFESSIONAL mixing, mastering, production, instrumental composition, song-writing, l
Vicky (Have You Seen Her)
If you're tired of your music sounding like it was recorded and mixed by an amateur in his/her bedroom, contact us right away. We have the experience and training to give your music the professional quality sound it deserves. We specialize in professional: Mixing (recorded song, film, and live), Album and single-song Mastering, Producing, Recording, Song-Writing (including anonymity for rap lyrics), Instrumental composition ("Beats"), and more. We also provide custom graphic design work for: Logos, Album/Film Cover-Art, Flyer design, T-shirt design, and more. Contact us today at: admin@DeadlyMixProductions.com
Band/artist history
Deadly Mix Productions was founded by locally regarded turntablist- King Joe. During his life, King Joe was a DMC competitor turntablist and soon turned to making beats and recording his friends on a cheap 4-track recorder. Time brought his producing skill to another level while, at the same time, advancing in the studio quality as well. Today Deadly Mix Productions remains in motion under long-time manager Angelo Walters, TiKkO (engineer/producer/song-writer/composer/artist) and our general staff.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Deadly Mix Productions is currently in promotions of hiphop recording artist "TiKkO".
Your musical influences
RZA, Prince, Timbaland, Eddie Kramer, Tony Maserati, Rick Rubin, Dr. Dre, Barry Gordy, Josiah Gluck, and all the greats
What equipment do you use?
Nuendo, Motif, Tascam motorized control surface, Akai MPC, Mics (RCA, Oktava, Rode, Shure, Audix and more), Presonus AB 1818 VSL, Custom-built $5K+ PC, tube based outboard gear, Boston Acoustics Surround Sound w/ Sub, Axiom49, Korg, Studio One2, Wavelab, Reason, Numark Pro TT1s, Mackie, Beyerdynamic, Waves Mercury Plug-Ins (latest), iZotope, Blue Tubes, Antares, and much much more.
Anything else?
R.I.P. King Joe R.I.P. Ricky B R.I.P. Big Proof
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TSUNAMI - Lil Baby + Lil Keed + Lil Goti Type Beat