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dB musical productions
Clinton, MD  USA
November 22, 2005
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"D" has been producing music ever since he & his friends started a band back in grade school. He was also fortunate to have participated in the very 1st saxophone symposium sponsored by both Boston U. and the Tanglewood Inst. He credits his mom for keeping him motivated & encouraged, especially when she inherited a used baby grand from some real-estate property she had listed. As time moved on, "D" continued to educate himself with new technology, such as the emergence of MIDI. Today "D" is what you'd consider...a craftsman. One who possesses both musical talent as well as engineering/technical talent. By having access to computer based recording, "D" can always be found in his home studio constructing beats, editing samples, or putting some finishing touches on a mix. Currently "D" plays keys only (it's been over a 20 year absence since playing the sax), but he's itching to give his favorate woodwind another try. And finally, if there's any other way to title this talented composer, it would be "D-Meistro".
Band/artist history
Been at this for a minute now.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No. However I use to...about 15 years ago.
Your musical influences
Earth Wind & Fire, George Duke, Jeff Lorber
What equipment do you use?
Recorders: Custom built rackmount PC running Nuendo 3, (2) Echo Layla 24/96 interfaces, Alesis Adat XT20, Sony CDR/W33, Tascam DA40. Mixers: Behringer MX8000, Tascam 688, DOD SR460h headphone amp. Outboard: Alesis Q2, Lexicon MPX1, Lexicon MPX100, Aphex 207D & 104, DBX DDP (digital dynamics processor), TC Electronics Finalizer 96K, TC Helicon VoicePrism. Keyboards: Roland A70 controller, Ensoniq ASR10 (w/ flouresent display), Akai MPC4000, Roland R8 MkII, Kurzweil K2500RS, Roland JV1080 (expanded), Korg Triton Rack, Yamaha Motif Rack ES. Syncronizers/Midi: Motu MTPA/V, Apogee Big Ben. Monitors: Event PS8 bi-amp. Mics: Audio Technica AT4050 CM5 & AT3035. 2 Track Editor & Mastering S/W: SoundForge 8 & CD Architect 5.2. Plugins by: Waves, Isotope, Antares Auto Tune, SampleTank LE, & too many others to list.
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