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Angelika and Demons
Angelika and Demons
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Angelika & Demons is a goth metal Internet project.
Angelika & Demons - Love Never Dies
Internet project "A&D" was born in Moscow, in the autumn of 2005. Pensive piano ballads and heavy songs with phylosophic or religious lyrics, beautiful tunes and sweet female's vocals - this is "Angelika & Demons". This music will remind you of such bands as Evanescence and Nightwish. But it is much more than just music. It's a pure Magic, it's a Power which changes mind, reality and can make your wishes and dreams true. Especially The Earth (Zemlya) - message from God, Revelation, which contains answers to all human questions, quintessence of being. Welcome to the Mystery! Buy the album EASY DEATH on iTunes, Rhapsody and Amazon!
Band/artist history
The internet project was born in the end of 2005, at the time when I was seriously ill and going to die... I decided to make home records of my songs and put them into Internet to stay forever in hearts of people who will listen and maybe sing the songs... but music and God made a miracle, and I recovered. People liked my songs, and I decided to continue this work. I do believe that music can save this world like it saved my life. During last years I collaborated with such great artists as JC Carroll (UK, The Members), Tony McKormack (UK, Inkubus Sukkubus, Vampire Division), Nightshade Kiss (USA), Gamma Leonis (USA), etc. Song Starfire spent many months in the top of SC charts and was released on CD. Iisus Christos became well-known in Croatia because was released there on CD as a soundtrack for multimedia project of Zoran Krusvar. You still can watch the video Iisus Christos here on SC and Youtube. Many musicians and vocalists took part in the project Angelika & Demons, but Mara became an important part of it with her strong opera dramatic soprano. And now we are happy to present the debut (demo) album Easy Death! is now playing Angelika & Demons! Radio stations which are playing Angelika & Demons: http://www.radiorockuk.com http://www.radiorockuk.co.uk http://www.radiorockuk.com/fr 1970s' British Rock and Progressive and New Progressive Music Oxford, United Kingdom http://www.RocknRollica.com http://www.myspace.com/rocknrollica http://www.twitter.com/RocknRollica Germany MetalRadio.com is here to bring you the metal you crave! Goth, Alternative, Electronic/Dance Georgetown, IN FOOD FOR YOUR SOUL. Free inspirational talk radio. The Netherlands http://www.myspace.com/headbangersfmonline http://www.headbangersfm.com Listenlink: If you are owner or dj of radio station and wish to add songs of Angelika & Demons to your playlist, please write to 2010music@rambler.ru!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
It's mostly an Internet project, some of songs are performed at concerts by vocalist Mara.
Your musical influences
Evanescence, Nightwish
What equipment do you use?
Synthesizer Yamaha, PC, mic Shure SM 58, Oktava MK-012-01, preamp Art Tube MP
Anything else?
Buy debut (demo) album Angelika & Demons "EASY DEATH" on iTunes, Amazon and Rhapsody! text of interview, blog, photos, banners, videos can be used with a link to the page www.soundclick.com/angelikaanddemons
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