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Teddy Chazz
Teddy Chazz
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A singer/songwriter that performs his unique blend of acoustic mellow rock / pop music that touches the heart. Remember when lyrics had meaning? When melodies
13 songs
Every now and then an artist comes along that is different and unique...and Teddy Chazz is one such artist. Teddy Chazz is a singer/songwriter whose mellow rock/pop songs have great melodies and meaningful lyrics that will have you singing along in no time. From 'How Can I Miss You?' and 'If This Is Prison'...to ...'Don't Ask Me To Stay Tonight'...Teddy's music will take you on a musical ride you won't want to end. If you like music with meaning you're at the right place. So sit back, turn it up...and feel the love! Teddy Chazz. You may not have heard of him...but you will! ( Full songs available here and at www.jango.com/music/teddychazz)
Band/artist history
I started singing when I was around 10 yrs old...and took guitar and piano lessons a few years later. By my mid teens I was writing my own stuff, but playing mostly copy tunes for the public... Over the years I've written hundreds of songs. I've always wanted to create something different, so I took every song I ever wrote that involved an emotion dealing with being in love and tried to put them in order of the emotion process that comes with falling in love. I took the top 13 songs, and did just that. The result is my Cd 'That's What Love's About.' If you listen to it from beginning to end, ( except for the first song which I change often so listeners hear various songs when this page opens)...the songs tell the progression of love. From 'love at first sight', ( Angel of Love )...to the 'altar of love', ( A Choice I Freely Make (The Wedding Song))...these are songs that express emotions which I found difficulty expressing verbally. For those who find it hard to express verbally how they feel...they'll find a song on this Cd that does it for them. As I wrote in a song; "Love is a journey...not a destination." So sit back...turn it up...and enjoy the ride!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, I try to play out live a few times a month to try out new material and keep in touch with my fans.
Your musical influences
The Eagles, Bob Seger, Billy Joel, Neil Diamond, Jackson Browne, Brian Adams, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Elton John ...and so many more.
What equipment do you use?
Tama 12 string guitar.
Anything else?
I just want to say 'thanks' for listening. I hope the music moves you...and feel free to leave a comment here or on my facebook page. Feel free to write a short review...and oh...pass the word on about a song you may like. Oh...and most important...support the indie musicians you like...download their songs...or their whole Cd! ( This helps keep us and our music alive!)
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