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James Muth
James Muth
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Music is my passion, knowledge is my verse. My pen is my sword, I make music to change the world. I'm not after fame and fortune. I do it because 13 years ago,
I make music from my heart, I make it for myself and people who can relate, If you like it thank you very much, if you don't (not everything is for everybody) thank you for viewing the page, I hope you enjoy. I will keep changing peoples lifes through the one gift I have to offer...music. Its my art, its my craft. At this point in my life if fame comes it comes, I've already made it to 30,000 ipods, so that is very rewarding. If I do make it famous, the only thing I can say is, money doesn't buy me, I want to help the world, because the world needs help.
Band/artist history
Been rapping since i was 13, i'm 27 now. This is my dream, my passion, my soul. I will make music until my heart stops beating, I will keep marching for the average person, we are the real superstars that make this machine run.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes, everywhere ppl love music
Your musical influences
Eminem, DR Dre, Common and Talib Kwali, Big L, atmosphere (Slugs Flow)
What equipment do you use?
Brew State secret
Anything else?
If you are a fan Thank you for the support and thank you for enjoying my music, making something you will remember forever is why I do this.
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