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New Machine
New Machine
2 Tracks
We consider ourselves to be commercially progressive rock. There is a strong commercial vein to our music but with flares of progressive/art rock.
Blood In The Ocean
Peak in sub-genre #45
New Horizon
Peak in sub-genre #19
My name is David Garcia. I play drums, keyboards, lead and backing vocals. Bob Gilmartin is the other member of New Machine and he plays guitar, bass, lead and backing vocals.
Band/artist history
New Machine is the product of the classic rock group meltdown - "Too many chefs stirring the pot." Our band actually consists of only two musicians. Drummer David Garcia (me) and my guitarist Bob Gilmartin have been creating music together for almost 20 years. Our musical journey actually began with childhood friendship. Bob and I met when we were 5 years old and grew up in the same neighborhood together in Old Bridge, New Jersey. By our mid 20's, we had our first taste of success when we were signed to a 3 year recording contract with Mystery Bloom. We released our first album, "Frame of Mind" in 1996 (later re-released as "Lifetime in the Heart" in 2002). But by the start of the writing sessions of the 2nd album, ego problems and the differing ideas of five song-writers in the band contributed to Mystery Bloom's premature demise. In 1997, Bob landed the coveted guitar spot in Phantom's Opera. In the meanwhile, I was busy writing and working towards my vision of the perfect musical project. In 1999, Phantom's Opera was getting set to begin work on their 4th album, ACT IV. When their drummer decided to leave the band, Bob and then lead singer Colie Brice (now head of AERIA Records), immediately thought of me and suggested to the band that I play drums. They were receptive and sessions began on ACT IV. After the completion of that album, Bob & I found ourselves longing to create music that we had been hearing in our heads for 10 years. We wanted to do something progressive yet commercial, something powerful yet gentle, and something rhythmic yet melodic. We realized then that we would not be able to create our sound with the conventional 4 or 5 piece rock group and decided to go it alone. With Bob handling all the guitars and bass, and me handling the drums and keyboards, and with both of us handling the vocal duties, we entered the studio in 2000 to begin work on New Machine. Because of our childhood friendship and our mutual interest in bands like Rush, Pink Floyd, Kansas, Marillion, and Dream Theater, I truly believe Bob and I have tapped into something very special.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
At this point we do not play live. As I mentioned, New Machine is only two musicians. It's a studio project at this point. But we'd defnitely put a band together if given the opportunity.
Your musical influences
There are SO many. But if I had to pin some down, I'd say Rush, Pink Floyd, Kansas, Marillion, U2, Journey, Queensryche, Dream Theater, Yes, The Beatles, & Tool.