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David Ruffin Jr.
David Ruffin Jr.
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Born and Bred in Detroit my voice has been inspired by my father and the sounds of Motown. It's simply soul music with a twist.
Welcome to my JUKEBOX: Please select a song and feel free to leave me some feedback. Rate it, if you will....I do appreciate it in advance. I can be also reached at the following email address: davidruffinjr@hotmail.com or davidruffinjr@yahoo.com
Band/artist history
BIO: David Ruffin Jr Understands the expectations that have been placed upon him by people, but once they hear his incredible voice on stage or in the studioit becomes pleasantly obvious. He knows as the son of the late singer David Ruffin, the legendary former lead singer of the Temptations, that there will always be comparisons to his fathers great vocal legacy. While living up to such expectations would be a difficult task for some to handle, David Jr., a native of Detroit has risen to the task time after time and is always striving to improve. Blessed with a tremendous and powerful first and second tenor and an equally impressive Alto and Falsetto, D-Ruff can be heard on numerous hip hop projects by such stellar artists as Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Benzino, Capone as well as local Detroit talent such as Dave Mays, Amir, Young Ruff, The Boss and Diamond. He has also performed with the legendary singing group, The Dramatics. He has prepared several independent recordings over the last four years, and has emerged as an excellent songwriter. Highly touted music publications such as The Rolling Stone, The Source and Rap Pages have lauded David Jr as talented and is up-and-coming. However, perhaps his most thrilling moment in music came when he heard his voice on the radio playing a song that Dr. Dre, Snoop, and he wrote and recorded, a world wide, multi-platinum song, called, Gin & Juice. A Hip-Hop Classic now! David Jr, who currently lives in New York, cites his father, along with 80s crooner, Alexander ONeal and the great Marvin Gaye as the major influences on his style of singing. However, D-Ruff in quick to point out that he is proud to have crafted his own, unique vocal identity. He described his style of singing as, Ruff in Risqué./ R&B with a rough (Ruff) edge, on the rocks w/a twist. In addition to singing, David Jr is far from ears, and an unsurprisingly talented actor as well. He has recently appeared and sang in the national hit stage plays such as All Men Cant Be Dogs and P.M.S. - Power, Money and Sex. David Jr, his fellow actors and the entire production have received raved reviews for their collective work in the play. Also during the summer of 2002, David played the lead in three dramatizations for a Showtime Red Shoe Diary type special, produced by Frozen Television So with acting, singing and song writing under his belt, David Jr is also exploring voice over opportunities for animation and commercial projects. David Jr is also mulling over several other television, stage and film projects in hopes of broadening the scope for success and knowledge in and of the arts collectively. A solo CD project is most important to DRj. He is currently piecing a new demonstration in hopes of an early release in early 2006, and is looking forward to music collaborations with many of his favorites. Now of course youd think David Jr grew up listening studiously to the hits that his father recorded with the Tempts, such as: My Girl, Aint too proud to beg, Beauty is only skin deep, Since I lost my baby, I wish it would rain and othersHowever, it was sports, not singing that caught David Jrs attention and occupied his time. After high school, David Jr moved to Connecticut, where he began rapping, much to the chagrin of his father. He recalled that his father didnt approve of Jr being in the rap game, but instead encouraged him to work harder on his vocal chops for the R&B genre. David Jr listened to his pops advice Now David is well prepared to further elevate the Ruffin name in the entertainment world. Its in his Blood. "If yoy dont know....UBETTASKSUMBODY"
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes.....I play keys, but not as well as I play Madden or SoCom1-2-3...lol
Your musical influences
Marvin Gaye, Antia Baker, Alexander O'Niel, David Ruffin, Luther, Faith, Joe. R. Kelly?..an influence...haha......hell to-tha-naw...(i'm clownin that guy...please believe me)
What equipment do you use?
A Pen.....A Notebook and a Microphone....
Anything else?
I am very honored that you (the real people), have blessed me by loaning me your ear. I hope that you weren't or aren't disappointed. Thanx in Advance, David Ruffin Jr...(a.k.a. D-RUFF)
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