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Intelligence, knowledge, humour, individual, dutch, original, thought-threw.
With no real goal i create hip hop, mainly to amuse myself ina construct manner and hopefully entertain others. My development was a very slow process, i think i started around the age of 13/14 but only really got into it at around mid 15. Now at the age of 18 i take considerable pride in the lyrics i write an always try to be inventive apart from innovative.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have presented songs in front of crowds when asked and will most defenitly do so agian, for example, in portugal and madrid i did a song or two in a club, also presented myself ona open mic when given the chance. I think its an amazing feelings that cant be descibed by anyone thats done it. I think im only fully going to put myself out there once ive learnt all sides of music making, now i write lyrics but making beats is not yet in it for me, working on it though.
Your musical influences
Ive been following hip hop for a couple of years now, and have come across some artist which have stuck with me and have influenced me and the way i look upon the music i like to make. Im into nearly everyone from the Definitive Jux, like Mr. lif (the perceptionists), murs, cannibal ox, Aesop rock. I also like Atmosphere, company flow, J5, Living legends, Jeru Tha Damaja. and many more, im not going to name them all if u wanna dicuss this you could always email me.
What equipment do you use?
Right now, a 15 euro microhone and Abode audition. But i have strong ambitions to learn how to use fruity loops and buying a new proper quality microphone.
Anything else?
Yeah, u wanna contact me. my email is Mau_ster@hotmail.com Please do so if u feel interest in what im doing. Some songs play incredibally fast when using hi-fi, but ina way it sounds good, whatever u prefer.
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