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white rapper/producer from philly unsigned the realest next great
MY WORLD (prod. by IL LYPH aka IL BEATZ)
Peak in sub-genre #43
I am IL LYPH, I am what you see, I am what you hear. There is no sugarcoat to my image, and there is no perpetration behind my rymes. I grew up in Southwest Philly in a time when real rap was at it's prime, and real rappers like NAS, MOBB DEEP, and BIG made bibles for the streets, and told stories of life, of struggle, and of things that millions of people felt, related with, and went through everyday. Being from the hood, and living an urban life myself made me connect to those rappers and learn to adapt my own life into music, and tell the people about the streets I've come from, the things I've seen, and the choices I've made whether bad or good so that they can take what they will from it and hopefully be as inspired as I was by those before me. I am a firm believer in realness and everything I spit is. I've done alot and have been through alot, and through it all I've had a mic in my hand. I am 26 now and I recorded my first song at the age of 14 since then I've been through numerous groups and rapped under other names. On a whole I've done about 4 albums, recorded and performed many songs, and learned along the way. I guess years of local feedback and changing of times have been a strong influence in the creation of IL LYPH as well. It's like they say, you learn from your mistakes. Over the years every mistake I've made has made me stonger and better. Everytime I felt people weren't hearing and feeling what I was saying in my music, and portraying in my beats, I found a way to make it so they would. Since the first day I ever wrote a line, I have worked constantly at perfecting my talents. I was smart enough to do anything I wanted, but this was the path I chose, this was my ambition, and everything I've taught myself over the years has molded me into the finished product you see here. URBAN IVORY is my first album that I have really put 120% into. Being 26 years old with 2 children of my own has made me realize it was do or die time. Since I have started to leak songs to DJ's, friends, internet, etc, the feedback has been tremendous. I am confident as ever, and ready to take that next step. I am positive that given the proper help with publicity and promotion, URBAN IVORY will be a game changing classic along with every album and double album to come after it.
Band/artist history
URBAN IVORY Released: 2005 ARTISTIC SUICIDE Released: 2000 DEAD ENDZ---Lyrical Techz IL LYPH & STREET KNOWLEDGE Released: 1997
Have you performed in front of an audience?
hell yeah i play live and i love it no drug in the world could beat the high of a crowd. I havent done to many shows recently cause i been in the studio finishin up URBAN IVORY but on the last album ARTISTIC SUICIDE i did a ton of shows all over Philly but the one that sticks out in my head the most has to be the show i did at BRAVE NEW WORLD its a huge hip hop clup in philly and i got in a contest where me and 2 other acts performed opening for RAH DIGGAH and the outsiders it was fat cause it was the first show i ever did in front of a crowd that big it was like 4 to 5 hundred deep and basically me and 10 of my 20 friends that came were the only white people in the place so before i went on stage people were lookin at us on some "what the f#@! are they doin here " shit and i was nervous as shit cause my stage guys bailed on me and i thought it was gonna be a flop. luckily my roommate (who was a singer in a metal band) knew my lyrics and backed me up and we killed the place a couple of my boys were big cats and i dove off stage with the wireless mic and was taggin hands while they held me up it was phat and when i came off stage the crowd went wild and some one in the crowd was like "yo that white boy aint no joke!!!!" then the power99 chick was singin my hook when she came up to anounce the next act. then when we were about to bounce the outsiders stopped me and my boys and we all blazed together it was PHAT AS SHIT
Your musical influences
on the lyrical tip id have to say NAS, JAY-Z, old MOBB DEEP, RAKIM, and from the new school JUELZ, TI, STATE PROP, JADA and on the production tip id say MUGGS, REGGIE AND THE FULL EFFECT, NINE INCH NAILS, LP, TIMBO, BOOLA, GURU
What equipment do you use?
midi keyboard, reason, recycle, rebirth, cubase, cool edit pro, some guitar and drums