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Homeless Balloon
Homeless Balloon
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Homeless Balloon's music is ambient jazz with a mix of ambient grooves, chill out, electronica, acoustic and world beat.
Driving At Night (Ambient Mix) by Homeless Balloon
Homeless Balloon is the music project of Norwegian composer, musician and multimedia artist Helge Krabye. He has composed original music for more than eighty television documentaries, radio plays, fantasy stories and art projects. He is known for combining acoustic instruments with experimental, electronic sounds. He is also a dedicated user of the innovative soft instrument MetaSynth. Homeless Balloon released two CD's in 2007 and four more in 2008. They are available in the iTunes Music Store, at emusic.com and from Homeless Balloon's official site. For a limited time, you may also download some tracks for free here at SoundClick (link at the right) for free :) And of course, you can purchase the music as individual downloads (highest quality 320 mbps) or albums in Homeless Balloon's Soundclick web shop (see the left menu). Feel free to share the songs of Homeless Balloon with your friends :)
Band/artist history
Played violin from he was 6 until 14, then guitar and synthesizers. Started composing for radio (fantasy stories, radio plays, jingles, illustration music) in 1987 and for television (documentaries, vignettes, art programs) in 1994. Wanting to compose and create music as free as possible, He reduced the amount of music composing for media and began concentrating on developing his own, unique music and release it on CD in 2007.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Now and then, with artist friends.
Your musical influences
In this order: The radio in our living room when I was a kid, The Beatles when I was 10, The Beach Boys, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Rory Gallagher, Stevie Wonder (Music of my mind), Karlheinz Stockhausen (his tape loops in the 60's), Marvin Gaye, Van Morrison (Astral Weeks, St.Dominics Preview), Bob Dylan (everything!), John McLaughlin (anything), New Order, Jazz, Mozart, Beethoven, Arvo Part
What equipment do you use?
MacPro with LogicPro, Korg Z-1, MetaSynth, Alembic bass guitar, Moog Voyager, Fender Stratocaster, pedals, e-bow, acoustic guitar
Anything else?
The loudness war: Do you know this expression? If not, I am sure you know that more and more commercial CD's sound too LOUD! It's ok when the sound has power and presence, but not when the sound is flat and overcompressed and pumping and distorted and ugly. So many great bands and artists have become victims of the loudness war or loudness race that the big record labels fight against each other. Support the idea of dynamics and great sound on CD's, and complain to the record companies when you purchas a CD with bad sound!
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