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Will Kill
Northwest Indiana Rapper. On all social media platforms.
469 songs
3.8K plays
Put It Down
For The Moment Freestyle Ft Lil Josho
Earth Shake - LoneHeart Ft. Will Kill
MOB Freestyle
Contemplating Freestyle
Soundclick issues resolved. Apologies to my follow
We are a group of friends that thought it would be fun to record our own music. Original members WD,Will Kill,Bomba and Crazy J started it all.Then in 2010 WD and Bomba left the label. In 2013 Will Kill reformed the group with Crazy J and added a new member Dam Dash. In 2016 Will Kill added two members to the group DJ Breadstix and Flopopotomus. In 2021 Crazy J and Flopopotomus left the group. We added a new member to the group Silva Seege in February 2021. In November of 2021 Dam Dash and Silva Seege left 4:20 Records. Throughout the years we had several guest appearences by part time group members Baker,Kaos,D,Lil Sam,Franky J,James,Noah,Oso,and Flopopotomus. CURRENTLY Members are Will Kill and DJ Breadstix.
Band/artist history
Well WD started doing this in 2005. I picked it up soon after. We were a group myself WD Bomba and Crazy J up until 2010. WD quit making music and we kept the label going until 2011. Bomba left the group after that. We took a break in 2012 and didn't bring the label back until the end of 2013. When we did bring it back it was only Crazy J and myself. We brought in Dam Dash in 2013 with the John Doe album. It was mainly myself in 2014 thru 2016. I brought in Flopopotomus and DJ Breadstix in 2016 on the Trappin Out Tha Bathroom album. Since 2016 we have had alot of new experiences with social media and its been helping get us heard. Overall the music has been mainly me until the W.A.R. album dropped in 2021. Then I brought in Silva Seege in 2021 on The Names Will Kill album. In November 2021 Silva Seege and Dam Dash left the label to pursue other interests.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Never played live maybe one day. Ive had one opportunity to in 2021 but didnt feel I was ready yet.
Your musical influences
I have too many to mention. Honestly Eminem and Lil Wayne were my biggest influences.
What equipment do you use?
Sound recorder,freemake video converter,windows movie maker, YouTube to mp3 converters, two phones and an ihome speaker. An aux cord my and my radio.
Anything else?
I'm on all different types of platforms. www.instagram.com/@willkilla420records www.facebook.com/willkilla420records www.myspace.com/will.killa https://rapch.at/YraVdwzqrqb tiktok.com/@willkilla420records https://youtube.com/channel/UCEXor-KuUKL1uh-GssMcBiw https://soundcloud.com/willkilla420records https://audiomack.com/willkilla420records https://www.bandlab.com/willkilla420records
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