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liquid chiken
liquid chiken
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we putting together some memories for the world, so here is some music from a band who at one point in time could have ruled the world.. This is an archived Biography/History site for Liquid Chiken while it was a full band during the years of 2000-2004.
Band/artist history
MEMBERS: DJ- Drums/Vocals B- Bass/Vocals Hillbilly- Lead Vocals Tim- Guitar/Vocals (2000-2002)Robin- Guitar (2002- 2004)Kakmod- Guitar The band actually started as DJ's solo music career. As it developed into a full band, it carried the Liquid Chiken name. DJ first met B in 1997 and stewed up the idea of a full band. After a few years every thing fell into place with DJ meeting the right people. It was the summer of 1999 when DJ met Hillbilly, Tim, and Robin in Griswold, IA. DJ wrote a few songs and there were some jam sessions but it didn't progress. It basically went back to a solo project until the summer of 2000. DJ ended up back in Oakland, IA. and met up once again with B, Robin and Hillbilly. DJ then created the album "The Griswold Era" in which was basically a solo album musically with computer assistance, and the vocals were done by Hillbilly, DJ, and B. Then DJ taught B how to play some bass and Robin came in on guitar. So this formation came as DJ- Vocals/Guitar Robin- Guitar and B-Bass/Vocals. Soon after, Hillbilly came back as the lead vocalist. After hearing "The Griswold Era", Tim decided to join as a Guitarist/Vocalist. DJ then stepped off guitar and onto drums (first drum set was a big aluminum cylinder with alcohol bottles on it). LC played thier 1st. show on a farm near Cumberland, IA. on 4/21/01. It was then when the reputation for playing free keggers on farms was made. LC recorded the first full legnth CD in the summer of 2001. After some time working with Robin, LC decided to let him go in early 2002. LC was now a 4-piece. In the summer of 2002, "Anger Management" was released. Later that year, LC brought in a new guitarist, Kakmod. After playing hard for another year an a half, evident changes in lives appeared amongst the group and it eventually ended in early 2004. Hillbilly went on to start Mucus and the Membranes, which was bastard metal. That is over and he is now in a band called All Out Aggression. Hillbilly also has done some solo work. DJ, Tim, B, and Not Important started a new, short-lived group called Mindset (site coming soon). The lineup- DJ- Lead Vocals/Drums, B-Bass/Vocals, Tim- Guitar/Vocals, Not Important- Guitar. They soon recruited a new vocalist, Satone(Ex- downthesun) and new guitarist, Davy. This was the creation of what is now CDS (common Diseases of Swine). Davy and B are no longer with the group. Deciding not to let the name die because of an unfortunate past, DJ is now back to using Liquid Chiken as his solo project, as it was in the begining. B and hillbilly may also be making appearances with this project. here are some links for http://www.myspace.com/comdswine http://www.myspace.com/alloutaggression http://www.myspace.com/liquidchiken http://www.myspace.com/hillbillymusic heres some good shit for you.... thanx to digga and the chiken tribe...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We were known for playing free keggers on farms. we played all over iowa and nebraska and little into missouri.. every bad show still owned
Your musical influences
drugs sex and rock and roll
Anything else?
anyway here is some lc music ALSO!!! copy and paste in a new window... EXCLUSIVE LIQUID CHIKEN VIDEO http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=533256243097439680&q=liquid+chiken+cant+say+it many thanx to liquid chiken for making this great collage of memories
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