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Jonathan Tsay
Jonathan Tsay
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A collection of recordings I've done (live and dead) over the last few years. Hope you enjoy them!
Band/artist history
I was born and grew up in Texas (Arlington, suburb of Dallas), doing the public school thing until I graduated high school and went to SMU for my bachelor's in music (studying with Dr. Carol Leone). After graduating in 2004, I took a year to do competitions and recitals - saw a lot of the world outside of the lone star state. I am now pursuing a doctorate at the University of Montreal (studying with Marc Durand) - it's quite a change of climate, if anything else... All the "official" info is on the "official" website - there you can see what I "officially" do/did...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, wherever I can, although the public recital thing is still quite new to me - mostly I've just done either degree recitals or competitions, neither of which are usually as interesting... if, for some reason, you want me to play a recital where you are, please* let me know - the experience means a lot to me!
Your musical influences
Ravel, Scriabin, Shostakovich, as well as the old standards like Brahms or Beethoven... although, P.D.Q. Bach was the reason I started really getting into music. Some of the more contemporary pianists I really enjoy listening to are Alexei Sultanov, Alessio Bax, Krystian Zimerman, amongst many others - I enjoy most all of the older generation (Arrau, Gilels, Horowitz, Michelangeli) because they were all so distinct.
What equipment do you use?
Whatever's avaliable. I'm not wealthy enough to be picky.
Anything else?
I decided to sign up as an experiement to see if this site will get any hits on its own. If I get a recital/concert out of this I'd be elated... I have a xanga and a personal website, so there's plenty about me there. Let me know if you've seen this site - I'm curious to see who will stumble upon this...
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