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ATTENTION!!! I am having a spring clearance sale. 6 NEW BEATS for just 275$. Or purchase an individual beat for only 50$ If your looking for beats you've come to the right place. All beats posted on this page are for sale!!! BEAT POLICY All beats are for sale. If your interested in purchasing any of these beats for your commercial releases just contact me and I'll reply ASAP. Serious Inquiries Only Please! You have 3 Purchasing options: (1) LEASING: Price $25-50, what do you get? you get to use it for ONLY one commercial profitable purpose ( album, website, radio play, live show, etc). You cannot make any changes to the instrumental or resell your rights. If you do decide to use it to make profit later, you MUST contact us and purchase a exclusive or semi exclusive (the price you payed for the lease will be deducted from the exclusive/semis price, So if its 100$ for lease and $300 for exclusive, then youll only have to pay the remainder of $200). (2) SEMI-EXCLUSIVE: Price $75-100, what you get? you to use this for any and all profitable purposes, whether its radio, live performances, a album or whatever. Your rights cannot be sold or transfered to another person or company. we can still resell the instrumental to any person(s) or company(s). (3) EXCLUSIVE: 125+, what you get? do whatever you like with it, cds, radio, live performances, websites, Anything profitable. You become the owner of the instrumental. However you cannot resell or transfer ownership, only one owner. Also we cannot resell the instrumental, it will remain on the site, but with notification that it was sold and a link to the person's site who bought it. LEGAL DISCLAIMER By downloading and or playing you are acknowledging that you cannot copy/modify/alter/edit/record over/reproduce or use any sounds/instruments from the tracks listed on this site in any commercial or non-commercial profitable purpose (album,website, radio play, live show, etc)without purchasing or leasing the desired beat. If this user agreement is broken in any way you will be punishable by law and we will take you to court. By downloading/playing/streaming any/all our tracks you are agreeing to this disclaimer. Drum kits and Synths Attention Fruity loops and Reason users. I am having a sale on all my drum kits and syntheziers!!! Drums kits and synthesizers listed below. NOTE THESE ARE NOT REAL DRUMS!!!!!! THESE ARE SOUNDS Keyboards Yamaha Motif every sound in Wav Files - 20$ Korg Triton every sound in Wav Files - 20$ Roland Fantom Xa every sound in Wav Files - 20$ West Coast Gangsta Leads- 5$ DRUMS Neptunes Drums- 5$ INFO Kit 1 - 5$ INFO Kit 2 - 5$ INFO Kit 3 - 5$ Timberland Drums - 5 $ Lil Jon Drums- 5$ Kanye West Drums- 5$ E-mu Mo Phatt Drums- 5$ AKAI 32 Drum Kits - 10$ Pure Phat Drums - 5$ Korg Trinity Drums - 5$ Reggeaton Drums- 5$ Timberland Drums - 5$ Planet Phatt Drums - 5$ Night Club Scene Drums - 5$ Get everything listed for only 80$ To purchase beats or drum kits. Contact Qube Email: Q3productions@hotmail.com Phone: 304-527-3839 AIM: Qube3L
Your musical influences
The Three greatest producers of all time. Pete Rock, Primo, and Dr. Dre.
What equipment do you use?
Fruity Loops and Roland Fantom
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