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Randolph Michaud
Randolph Michaud
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Amazing Love
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Nobody's Darlin
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Wedding Bells
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That Old Martin Guitar
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Do You Believe Me Now
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Randolph Michaud ( Randy ) started his singing career while he was in the United States Army. Randy always liked to sing but never really got serious about it until he met a few friends in the United States Army. Having played in a few bands in Germany, and around Western Europe Randy got a good feeling about singing in front of people and has never turned back. When Randy returned back home from his military service, he put together a local band called Northstar Country Band. They performed in local clubs and honkytonks in Northern Maine. After a few years the members of the band went their separate ways and Randy took a few years off from singing and performing out in public. About a year ago, Randys wife Lisa Michaud wanted him to record an album, so Randy started putting songs together and he could not think of a better thing to do than to do a tribute album to some of his favorite singers such as George Jones, Tammy Wynette, Jim Reeves, Merle Haggard to name a few. So in April of 2005 Randy headed to the recording studio to make his first album titled ( Country Memories ) songs included on this album range from Jim Reeves to George Jones, Jim Majka of Northern Maine Sound Studios was the producer of Randys first album. Http://www.northernmainesound.com Lisa was not going to let Randy quit this time and searched high and low for a music promoter for him. Lisa contacted many promoters and decided to investigate one particular promoter from Kodak, Tennessee. Lisa contacted Rhonnie Schuerman who already had numerous independent artists she was promoting and agreed to listen to Randys first album. A few weeks went by and Rhonnie Scheurman of Rhonbob Promotions http://www.rhonbob.com decided that her management team would take and promote Randys music. Since then Randy has been climbing the country charts all over the world. Randy hit Number 1 on the internet country charts hosted by Soundclick.com on February 2nd, 2006. Randy has been up and down on the ECMA Country Charts as well as the internet charts produced by Gary Bradshaw of WHP /TKO promotions. Randys second album was recorded in August, 2006 and has been doing great as well; Randys rendition of Talk Back Trembling Lips has been on the country charts and has been one of the most played songs heard around the world. Randy first hit the country charts with He Stopped Loving Her Today a song made famous by George Jones. Randys music continues to get great air play from music DJs around the world as well as in the United States. Randy just finished his first Country Music Video, and was released at the end of March 2006. The video is the only ever that has been done to the song He Stopped Loving Her Today which also has been on the country charts for a total of 18 weeks in and around the top ten spots on soundclick.com In just one year Randy has recorded two albums that continue to do well and is getting great airplays on the radio all over the world and the United States. Randy has stuck to his roots and sings classic country ballads, and some upbeat songs. Traditional Country Music and Classic Country is slowly being withered away and it is Randys hope to be able to keep a portion of what made country music great alive. Below is Randys most notable songs and where they placed on the country charts, Randy has also won some awards which were given by Rhonnie Scheuerman of Rhonbob Promotions: Jan 23rd, 2006: No 1 on the soundclick Country Charts: He Stopped Loving Her Today Feb 2nd, 2006: No 1 On the soundclick Country Charts: He Stopped Loving Her Today Feb 12, 2006:No 2 On the soundclick Country Charts: A Picture of Me without You March 23rd, 2006: No 3 On the soundclick Country Charts: Talk back Trembling Lips May 11th, 2006: No 1 On the soundclick Country Charts: A Good Year for the Roses June 25th, 2006: No 3 On the soundclick Country Charts:The Grand Tour Randy has many other songs on country playlists around the world; Randolph Michaud has also appeared on the Most Played Independent artists charts from August December 2005. He Stopped Loving Her Today a song Randy recorded on his first album was one of the most played songs around the world in September, October 2005 and February 2006. Randolph Michaud also had another hit with the song Talk Back Trembling Lips this song was also one of the most played songs around the world in January, February, March 2006. Both of Randolph Michauds albums and video can be seen on his brand new website at: http://www.randolphmichaud.com You can also hear most of his songs by going to http://www.soundclick.com/randolphmichaud.com Randolph Michaud continues to win the crowds over every time he performs. If you would like to book Randolph Michaud for your next event please contact either one of the people listed below. They will be more than glad to help you with setting up your event. Music Promoter: Western Heart Promotions 4557 West Bloomfield Road Glendale, AZ, 85304 Tel: 1-602-896-9910 Manager / Bookings: Lisa Michaud 1086 Mapleton Road Mapleton, Maine 04757 Tele: 1-207-764-3866 Cell: 1-207-227-8844 Email: lmichaud@ainop.com Producer / Bookings: Jim Majka 331 Violette Settlement Fort Kent, ME. 04743 Tel: 1-207-834-6833 Website: http://www.northernmainesound.com Website: http://www.fortkentvideo.com Email: fortkentvideo@fairpoint.net Email: videoguy@pivot.net
Band/artist history
I started singing when I was in the Army and was always interested in the classic country songs. I guess because the music was so pure and rich, and often spoke of peoples life stories. I remember grwoing up listening to classic country songs on sunday morning just before church. It always made me stop and listen. So now I hope I can keep the classic country songs alive through my music.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I love to play live shows, anytime I can get a show going I am there.
Your musical influences
my influences are: Jim Reeves, George Jones, Merle Haggard, Bill Anderson to name a few. I love classic country music. Music has to tell a story for me to record it.
Anything else?
If you would like to book Randolph Michaud for your event then please contact anyone of our booking agents. They will be more than glad to go over the terms of performance and so forth with you. Please contact: Jim Majka......1-207-834-6833 Lisa Michaud...1-207-764-3866 Cell Phone.....1-207-227-8844
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