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Yet another dangerous, pretentious fool with a home studio :)
3 songs
110 plays
JAM v. 1.0
improv jam with the New Age Blues Experience
Bagdad Falling (live)
An improvisational instrumental inspired by King George II's conquest of the cradle of civilization.
Heavenly Peace
Cosmic, soothing, healing instrumental lullabye
I am the band:) An indie artist/producer/philosophical wannabe that's experienced many different angles of the music biz - from horrific amatuer endeavors as a power metal misfit (GEMINI) to being on the GRAMMY nomination entry list in seven different categories & having my tunes on MTV. It's all the same. Marketing is the only difference. I love the web & the freedom it brings to all artists, the ultimate democracy, people either download your shit or they don't. Like my tune? Call me, send me a buck!
Band/artist history
gemini, phantom's opera, brian saint & the sinners, TheMusic.com, solo stuff & tons of other little projects in between . .
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, anywhere, LOVE it, Princeton, University &Moonrock in Asbury Park with Brian Saint & the Sinners, ROXY Theatre on Sunset in Hollywood with John Bennett & HUMAN, the Stone Pony, Birch Hill, Club Bene, China Club, Garden State Arts Center with Phantom's Opera, Mingle with Skid Row, Christ Church Hall, Sayreville High School with Mike Romeo, Bangles in Denver, the beach with Barry Dorsey at Spring break Panama City Beach, lots of good times. . . Open mics with Michael Scrivani & Jon Sara all over the NJ shore :)
Your musical influences
Albert King by way of Hendrix, Stevie Ray, Clapton, VanHalen. .. . Santana, Dave Gilmour for guitar. Big John Lennnon/Beatles influence comes out now & again,. . .
What equipment do you use?
AKAI DPS 16, AKG C-3000, ZOOM GR707, ENSONIQ SD-1, KORG O3RW, SANSAMP PSA-1, ROLAND DANCE something or other, BOSS drum machine, Drun KAT, Les Paul, Strat, Carvin Tele, Martin, Hohner Harmonica, LP egg, DBX 266, Dan Electro pedals, Music Man HD-1, Carvin X100B, DunLop Wah, bunch of other shit. . .
Anything else?
Know war, no peace, KNOW PEACE, NO WAR!
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