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Caustic lc
Caustic lc
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Caustic, 4 young incredible rockers
This is Caustic. We are a group of 4 young talented PunkRockers. But, thats not all we play! We play whatever we feel,Rock, Blues, Metal and even traditional scottish if we want! We are 4 close friends, me (luke d) on Bass, robb himself on vocals and rhythem guitar, Dann T on lead guitar and mike B on drums, who all share the same passion for music and combined with our talents we produce some most excellent music!
Band/artist history
A brief history. 18 months on the west coast of scotland ago 4 friends got together to make some noise and shake the hills., noise got good, V good! Weve done many many gigs and are now looking to take it a bit further. Please let us know what you think! and also you can contact us at our myspace www.myspace.com/causticlc
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Portree battle of the bands was very good for us , judges voted us 1st! and audiance voted us second. A special moment for us has to be our second gig, that night on the beach in that huge marquee was a rokn one. we had a 200 strong audiance who all loved it and we were getting compliments for days after, a turn around point for us. an ace night
Your musical influences
Our influences are bands such as the offspring, Feeder,rage , audioslave , mettalica, bloodhound gang and even the Blues Brothers! We like all types of music but rock'n'roll stands out above the rest. Its the one.
What equipment do you use?
A brief summary of our equipment. I use the Peavey ac bxp millenium bass and laney r3 and fx, dann uses an ibanez s series and a marshall mx100, robb uses a gibson flying v guitar and a big stack (forgot the name!) and mike uses a Peavey drum kit. We also use a peavey p.a. system.
Anything else?
Please let us know all of your thaughts about our music! good or bad.
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