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The Marmot Venture
The Marmot Venture
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The Marmot Venture is a 3 piece band from the cotswolds...we love our music and hope that just one other person will to. That would make it all worth while.
The Marmot Venture is a 3 piece rock band from the Cotswolds. We have no regard for conventionality; if we wanna do it we will, and that's why our music is sorta different to a lot of the stuff around at the moment. We take no orders, don't give a damn what anyone thinks and we live up to no-one's expectations...we just love playing!
Band/artist history
Basically Dink and Rob live in the same secluded little village, and decided to meet up to jam out some of the songs from Green Day's American Idiot when it was first released (We sounds absolutely nothing like Greend Day though)...henry joined on bass an only 7 or 8 practices later we have about 10 songs and are enjoying it more than ever! Who cud complain at that!?!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We have just finished recording some demos so hopefully we'll be on the scene in the next few months!
Your musical influences
There are so many, not only different bands, but also different genres! We love all kinds of music and much of it influences us in some way or another. Listen out for the solo on The Art of no Escape....so out of place and yet so beautiful! :-รพ
Anything else?
We love to play!!! Thanks and goodnight. Let us know what you think....