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Experimental IDM / Electronica --- Futuristic in vision , eclectic in scope.
Welcome to the house of the 2nd mouse TM ( logo idea - CHRIS.M / Design - XGIBBO )
Band/artist history
I've been making music since about the age of 14 , so thats over 20 years ago.............however , I've been "seriously" making music for about 4/5 years now. I grew up being a big big fan of depeche mode. It became a natural progression to Detroit Techno and I discovered artists like Juan Atkins / Model 500 , Derrick May , Blake Baxter. After that came more underground stuff such as Dan Curtin, Luke Slater, Jeff Mills , Polygon window/Aphex twin , and most recently Balil/Plaid , Boards of Canada and a lot of independant IDM and electronica from John Tejada , Plone , Frank Martiniq , Vesna , Lucine Icl , Michaela Melian etc..... If its fresh and experimental , i'll listen to it. 2ndMOUSE is all about attempting to push boundaries and fuse together sounds that were never intended to enjoy the same space , hard and soft , rough and smooth -------- whilst bringing a smile to your face , or , a tear to your eye. Watch this space cos im only gettin started !! I havent arrived yet.............but ive most certainly left.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I'll be playing live within the next 6 months
Your musical influences
I dont really listen to a lot of electronica and I find that keeps my ideas fresh and I'm getting water from my own well. I listen to everything from opera to Jazz
What equipment do you use?
F L studio , a cement mixer hardwired to a kenwood food mixer and a HAL9000 with an arsenal of VSTs that would make Bush run for cover.
Anything else?
Please leave a comment or feedback . Just something to say you were here and you heard , or tell someone else . Feel free to download my stuff ((for your own private use)) LOTS more here www.2ndMOUSEofficial.com
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