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Indigo Soul
Indigo Soul
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Original Seattle area band tha combines fresh sounds with catchy and soulful guitar driven classic rock styles. Smart lyrics. Welcomed by anyone who enjoys the
Indigo Soul is an original Seattle area band that combines fresh sounds with catchy and soulful guitar-driven classic rock styles. Rock fans will love the catchy sounds, compelling lyrics and the dedicated and talented performers that make up the band.
Band/artist history
Indigo Soul is the alter-ego of Seattle-based singer/songwriter Mark Protus. As an ambitious youth in the late 70s, Mark dreamed of fame and fortune while developing his songwriting skills in the bands Upstanding Members and Soup, Rope, Gun. By the mid-eighties, Mark abandoned his quest for fame (along with his instruments and principles) and picked up a computer to seek his fortune in the land of Hi-Tech. It took Mark several years to realize that the constant burning in his belly was not acid reflux, but an intense and unfulfilled passion to create music. After a couple of solo CD releases, Mark formed the band Warriors Path and released a CD with a stellar line-up that included former members of the Doobie Brothers and Chicago. One constant on all of Marks CDs was his collaboration with engineer and keyboard wiz Mark Bader, who he met at a songwriters gathering in Seattle. Mark Bader joined the band in 2002 and they performed several shows with various line-ups, eventually recruiting the talents of lead guitarist Dean Richardson and vocalist Lisa Dawson. In 2004, Warriors Path morphed into Indigo Soul, released the CD Wake UP! and enlisted the remainder of the group, bassist David Salwitz and drummer Pete Harris. Music critics descibe the Indigo Soul sound as "very melodic song-based rock thats in no way enslaved to any current trends." The band combines smart and thoughtful lyrics with "fresh sounds and catchy and soulful classic-rock styles."
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play out regularly in the Seattle area. We've played at the EMP, many of the clubs in the area as well as festivals like the Bellevuew Arts & Crafts festival and the Burian OctoberFest.
Your musical influences
Our sound is pretty eclectic and has been described as similar to bands like: Dire Straits, Dave Mathews, and Tom Petty, Jefferson Airplane, Fleetwood Mac, Yes, Roxy Music, the Beattles.
What equipment do you use?
Were a six piece band featuring: 2 guitars, bass, drums, keys and vocals.
Anything else?
Check out our new video A Long Time. Director Marc Castillo worked with the band, actors and a stellar crew to put together this amazing visual representation of the relationship ballad featured on our CD, Wake UP! The song/story is told in sign language and features some very creative storytelling and film techniques.