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Country Cattin'
Country Cattin'
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Country Cattin' An authentic sounding Country Rockabilly, Hillbilly band playing in the style of Hank Williams, 'Sun' Elvis, Johnny Cash, Wayne Hancock, BR549 u
Country Cattin'- Dave Brown Mandy Stroud, Johnny Vee Chris Cummings together they are a country rockabilly band that play in an authentic style eg, Hank Williams, Sun Elvis, Johnny Cash, Johnny Horton, they use slap bass instead of drums and they mix covers with a lot of there own material.
Band/artist history
Country Cattin' was formed about 1999 with original members Dave Brown - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar, Paul Chambers - Double Bass, Nathan Young - Lead Guitar Dave has always had a passion for the pure clean foot tapping sound of Country Rockabilly. The early Elvis, Johnny Cash, Johnny Horton, Buddy Holly, Hank Snow, Hank Williams to name just a few, he also loved the sound of a Double bass, when it's slapped it can replace the sound of a drum, so a project was born to recreate that type of sound. Dave's other passion is song writing which is why he loves country music because of the story telling within the songs. So he tries to combine these with Country Cattin'. With this line up two albums where released on Vampirella records- ' It's Saturday Night', and 'Talk of the town' both albums are played regularly on radio stations But with 'Talk of the town' the title track 'Talk of the town' got some airplay in Nashville, also the track 'A Tree In The Park' got played on radio 2 a few times both tracks where self-written. In 2004 a change in bass player Guy Trigg replaced Paul and another album was recorded, as it was Elvis' 70th Birthday coming up, also 50 years since Elvis' first recordings they where asked to play an early Elvis set at the Royal Concert Hall with some big stars as a tribute to Elvis, so with this in mind they recorded an album of early Elvis 'Sun' tracks in a vintage studio using the same instruments and recording techniques, 'Sun Worship' was released and has had some good reviews as well as a booking in France for an Elvis festival. 2005 has seen a big change in the line-up with the original members getting tired of travelling and Nathan going to Live in Spain with his parents things looked bleak for Country Cattin'. Dave was determined to carry on his passion and so for a while used stand-in musicians until one day, Dave was let down at the last minute with a Bass player, so he rung up everyone he knew and finally found Mandy Stroud who is an excellent Double bass player and must be the best looking female bass player in the country. Mandy has had some great success playing with the popular 'Smokey Mountain Boys' she agreed to help out with the gig which proved a great success and has joined as a permanent Double bass player. Through the bands web-site Dave had advertised for a guitarist with the same passion and although had received quite a few enquires he eventually got Johnny Vagianos who's enthusiasm impressed Dave before even meeting him, The three did a gig together and got on like a house on fire, Johnny was just what the band was looking for and a little bit more, His playing ability doing Merle Travis / Chet Atkins / Scotty Moore is breath taking. So with the trio on full steam again they practised and arranged a recording session at the Riverside recording studios in Blackpool, The Studio is owned by Chris Cummings who also has a passion for the same style of music, playing and recording it. They recorded some tracks with Chris playing Lap-steel on most of the tracks as well, the results where much better than they had hoped for with Chris being just as excited as the band. Dave having seen Chris's enthusiasm asked if he'd like to guest with them at the top gig of the year 'The Americana' he eagerly accepted, the gig was a success and Chris has been to every gig since, Chris's Steel has greatly improved the Country Cattin' sound and has been going down great at gigs playing both Country and Rock'n'Roll shows. The new album 'Movin' On' has now been released and has been receiving some great Magazine reviews. 2005 has seen them play the Americana, South will rise again, Rhythm Riot, Wild In The Country, Country meets rock'n'roll festivals with bookings coming in fast and cd's selling well things have finally got together for Country Cattin'. When you see Country Cattin' you'll see a band that really enjoy what there doing, they all have a passion for the music and love performing, giving covers there own style and filling in with a lot of self-written material. So checkout them when you can you won't be disappointed.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
They play Live without any tapes, click tracks etc, they perform all over the world, top venues being 'The Americana Extravaganza' Country music and Rock'n'roll festivals.
Your musical influences
Our musical influences are very vast starting with The Sex Pistols/Eddie Cochran, Elvis, Hank Williams, Early Hillbilly, Country, Rockabilly, Blues, Cattin' love the pure clean sound of Country Rockabilly but also love the songwriting of country music.
What equipment do you use?
we use- Martin Acoustic Guitar, Gretsch Lead Guitar Double 'Doghouse' Bass Fender twin Steel Guitar