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Do Incoporated
Do Incoporated
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DO!iNC. The Future Of Music. Here's your chance to discover the future of music. Hear The Dai Walker and walk away blown away.
For years now, Doinc has stated they were the future of music. And now with their first release, we get to hear why that statement is true. Derek Daider "The Dai Walker", set to ship summer of '06, is Doinc's first project release. It consists of a combination of hard hitting beats, street savvy lyrics, and a Southern Rap style never heard before. The Dai Walker is destined to coin new slang terms, beat-the #hit out of trunks, woofers, and amps, and cause a few booties to shake at your local speakeasy. Doinc definitely makes a statement with the "Derek Daider - The Dai Walker." Check them out right here on Soundclick or run over to www.doinc.net to see it all!
Band/artist history
There is no history if you never look back. DO!iNC, always looks forward, pushes foward, and gets things done.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
DO!iNC has performed at many Texas night spots, and opened for various major artists. In spring of 2006, Doinc is set to hit the streets to promote "The Dai Walker". They love to perform whenever and wherever they can find a Doinc fans or two.
Your musical influences
DO!iNC is a mixture of magic, A collection of influences from all of music's forerunners from the beginning of time. From Stevie Wonder, to Lil John, to James Taylor, DO!iNC pays attention to music as a whole, and learns to respect and learn from all deemed artistic genius.
What equipment do you use?
Akai MPC4000, Live Guitars, Pianos, and Voice effects. Enough of DO!iNC's secret sauce, listen to the Derek Daider album "The Dai Walker" and see what you find.
Anything else?
Be sure to checkout Derek Daider "The Dai Walker", right here on Soundclick or more in-depth at A.S.A.P. Download it, Play it, Burn it, Ride with it, Know the words by heart. Discover how much you like it and wouldn't mind hearing playing on your local radio stations, in clubs, and at music retailers. And make sure you don't forget to tell a friend about it. Get the word out! Without You, Doinc is just another diamond in the rough.