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Kay Darens - Funky Loser Skater & Rockstar Wannabe
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is all about being innovative in a country that doesn't support new artists. A alternative - pop making out his first attempt in discography. Please hear my music and help me become better by criticizing it freely either positively or negatively. Anyone posting an opinion about my music -whatever that may be-, makes me feel special. So I'd just be happy to receive hate mail...:) Just try & hear it...
Band/artist history
Acting: Attended two theatrical schools (London, England & Athens, Greece) Writing: Written lyrics for about 800 songs in Greek and English Radio: Worked as a radio producer for major radios in Athens, Greece (Diva FM 95.8, Atlantis FM 105.2) Music: Made a series of appearances all over Greece as the vocalist of mainly electro/rock groups. Biggest achievement this far - the concert given in the "Athens War Museum" auditorium where he appeared in front of the most important political and cultural figures in Greece. Attending phonetics and orthophony lessons in Greece. One of his teachers was the famous Greek composer Dancing: Attended Fokas Evangelinos School of Dance in Athens, Greece (Modern/Jazz/R&B dances) Public Relations: Worked for two years as a manager and booking agent, promoting artists and organizing concerts. Booking agent of the Greek Nu Metal band ROT [MBI]. Succeeded in getting their album in the "Top 10 of the Greek Metal Albums" and the "Top 50 of the Greek Music", reaching the 36th place 3 weeks after it's release.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I perform live in and i am really fond of it. I'd really like to but the music industry in Greece is a real pain in the ass... They seem to care more on making with one-hit wonders rather than investing on young artists who have something real to show. Most special moment till this day; when I performed live in Athens - War Museum auditorium in front of the most important political & cultural figures of Greece. I was only 17 back then...
Your musical influences
Red Hot Chilly Peppers (more in the style not in the type of music),Franz Ferdinand, Radiohead, Mesh, Champ, The Covenant, Wolfsheim, Beborn Beton, Eminem, British Invasion groups, General R&B, Deep Purple, Doors, Black Sabbath, Gangsta Rock, INXS, 80's.
What equipment do you use?
I have a home studio and I am recording everythin' digitally as I don't have analogue equipement. Sonar 5.0 Producer and many VST Plugins are my favorites.
Anything else?
If anyone is interested in contacting me please try and do so through my mail - kaydarens@gmail.com . Please try and contact me.
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