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The Beatless
The Beatless
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The Beatless bring you electronica novelty tunes for the masses
Infinite Monkeys/Infinite Typewriters
Born from the cassette culture + mail-art scenes of the 80's, The Beatless is a one-man producer of electronic novelty 'art' tunes for the masses. Includes slants on Drum n' Bass, Minimal Techno, Spaghetti Hip-Hop, Garage-Rock and Dub. May also contain traces of nuts. The name 'The Beatless' chose itself. It was just waiting to be plucked from the ether and I was fortunate enough to be there at the time. Unfortunately, I wasn't the last if my other namesakes all over the interwebs are anything to go by. For this reason I am also known as Paul Beatless in some places. When the day dawns that quirky "post-industrial ironic novelty meandering" is the new flava of the month.. show me the money. I'm not really holding my breath though.
Band/artist history
Various past incarnations include mail-art/VEC UK audio, Brian Aspro, and 1/3 of Southampton's late 70's/80's obscurist 'cottage industrial' DIY cassette release/gigging band, 'idid idid'.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Under the name 'The Beatless', the answer is no.
Your musical influences
Krautrock' of the 70's (like Can, Early Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk) ...also Faust. Later it was Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire and Pere Ubu. Not that any of this stuff sounds remotely like 'em.
What equipment do you use?
Mostly Reason, Recyle, some Soundforge, a dodgy microphone and anything else I can get my hands on.
Anything else?
"The present day non-musician refuses to learn..." The Beatless, Tract 2002
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