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Unique blend of rock,indie, folk and alternative
Kenzie is a singer/song writer trying to get her name out in Denver.
Band/artist history
Kenzie is a singer/song writer trying to get her name out in Denver. She have been booked at various coffee shops and the cricket on the hill. Kenzie is accompanied by an amazing chelloist, Nathan, and she is looking to expand her band further. Kenzies sound is one of various different genres. From Indie to acoustic, and then looped around to create progressive rock, she tends to try to keep away from one general sound. Also, her sound she is trying to obtain is a experimental rock sound, not the typical four piece chick band, that is overly worn out. I write what I feel by using analogies rather then laying the truth before the people. Make them look for the meaning. Kenzie is constantly promoting to expand in venue. Currently her d├ębut Cd is in mastering process and is getting ready to go out in November. Then she will take over the world.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
i play live twice a month all over denver. Mainly cricket on the Hill, and various other places such as the Walnut room.
Your musical influences
Pj Harvey, bojork, Cortney love, Portis head
What equipment do you use?
Ibenez acustic gutiar amp, Ibenez acustic gutiar, Aria Pro II electric gutair, and boss foot peddle