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Richard Anderson
Songwriter, Lyricist, Vocalist, Recording Artist, Rocker, Artist Manager
37 songs
6.1K plays
Traded Love For Hate(Pain Is On Every Street)
A blues rocker, with an amazing vocal performance by Amy Caldwell....lets rooock !
Stonefree - All I Want Is You (Live)
I don't want another lover All I want is you I don't need any other All I want is you
I Wish I Didn't Have To Say Goodbye 2006
The music of 'Always Forever' and the lyrics of 'I Wish I Didn't Have To Say Goodbye' merge together, keyboards and piano by Nils-Ole Finbak, Rob Smith - everything else
Kween - I Am Not To Blame
This song originally appeared on the Kween album 'Journey In A Labyrinth' in 1998, unfortunately they no longer press this CD.
Nils-Ole Finbak - The Better Part Of Me (Demo)
One of the songs from the forthcoming 'Anderson and Finbak with Friends' album
Welcome to...well a part of my life actually. I hope that you will enjoy listening to the songs and offering up words of encouragement or even words of distain for my lack of vocal talent if need be LOL. : Thanks for handling the production side of things, the musical genius for not only this project but countless other inspirational talent-pooling exercises. : My musical brother. You're the first one to say "lets do it" whenever I come up with crazy idea's like this CD. Thanks for the support co-writing and the playing man. Official Website: : You're truely a person who I enjoy working with, your passion for what you do and creativity levels are astounding. My Extended Family, Buddies & Friends
Have you performed in front of an audience?
On the odd occasion I have made a couple guest appearances with The Hiway Blues Band & Quadraphonic. And yeah I've enjoyed doing a spot of backing vocals and tambourine bashing (although I can't vouch for the band members always enjoying it). The best gig we had was at a woolshed for someones 40th birthday, I was only going to sing backing vocals for one song but wound up onstage for half the night LOL. Feb 2006 saw the first set ever performed by The Phil-In's....How many bands can go through 2 drummers, 2 bassists and also fire their lead singer in the space of 4 or 5 songs ???? GONE WILD have yet to perform as a live entity, but requests have been made for such a thing to happen, unfortunately our schedules have been such that it has been impossible for us to get together a live set, this was one thing we had hoped to rectify but unfortunately time and the stars haven't aligned for it to be possible.
Your musical influences
Lyrically i draw inspiration from everyday life, weither it be things i have experienced myself (thoughts and feelings) or things that i have read or been witness to. I find the more emotional the subject matter the more other people seem to be able to relate, although I do write things that tend to sometimes be of an ambiguous nature. Musically I am inspired by the following: Rob Smith, Svenni Bjorgvins, Freddie Mercury, Phil Lynott, Brian May, Roger Taylor, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Gary Cherone, Neil Finn, Dave Dobbyn, Bob Dylan, Bryan Adams, Gary Moore and Jim Steinman. Bands that I really like are: Queen, Thin Lizzy, Led Zeppelin, Def Leppard, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Free, Bad Company My favourite vocalists are: Freddie Mercury, Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Aretha Franklin, Gary Cherone, Paul Rodgers, Robert Plant, Amanda Marshall
What equipment do you use?
That is a bit of a personal question don't you think ?
Anything else?
Help us and also our friends out by buying our CD's as opposed to just listening to the music online, the sound quality is better on disc. for all things GONE WILD & Richard Anderson related - (facebook)
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